How to keep the weight off

Can you give me some tips on how to keep the weight off after the 7 days are up? I am on day 5 and I can notice a big difference!

Thanks, Heather

Dear Heather,
after the 7 day cabbage soup diet, please choose an appropriate longterm weight loss concept that matches your preferences like low carb or low fat diet.

All the best

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Small meal every 8 hours
by: Anonymous

Hi. I just cancelled Seattle Sutton because I couldn't afford it anymore, but I learned one great lesson: Eat a small meal once every 8 hours and NO SNACKS! You'll be hungry from time to time, but you must fight it because it's the only way to lose! Have a big bowl of cabbage soup if you're totally famished or I have a rice cake and water or an egg white and water. If we want the weight off, we have to do a bit of suffering for a while; it's simply the only way. :-)
Good luck!

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