How to Grow Cabbage and Kale

Reasons for Growing Your Own Cabbage and Kale

How to grow cabbage is not the only answer we'll give you in this section. We will explain you too, why you should grow your own cabbage and kale.

2007 Plants of the Year Award

There are so many dishes which feature cabbage and kale, there is little wonder that the National Gardening Association selected these two vegetables to receive their 2007 Plants of the Year Award.

This will, of course, mean that cabbage and kale varieties become all the more interesting to gardeners, and they will no longer be thought of as a food of sustenance only suitable for people living in cold countries who need a good hot meal inside them.

The Good Things About Cabbage and Kale

Apart from the fact that these plants are two of the most nutritious and hardy vegetables to be grown by a home gardener, they each have their own individual merits too.

High in vitamin C and iron, cabbage is a great option for anemia sufferers. It also contains beta-carotene, calcium, potassium and phyto-chemicals such as glucosinoltes.

Never overcook cabbage

The appearance of the cabbage tells us a lot. For example, as long as they are not overcooked more nutritional value can be taken from the darker and fresher leaves. That's why we recommend to let simmer the cabbage soup for only 10 minutes and not as it was suggested in earlier days for an hour.

Another great thing about cabbage is that it is so low in calories - but as an eager reader of this website you know this fact for sure... With a half a cup only totting up somewhere between fifteen and thirty calories, it's a good and healthy food filler not only for those watching what they eat but also for other people who simply love vegetables.

Kale is similar but not as popular

Not quite as popular as cabbage, Kale has many of the aforementioned advantages as well as being a source of vitamin E.

Kale, per cup gives us sixty calories raw and forty eight cooked. One cupful of kale provides us with what we need each day as far as vitamins A and C are concerned as well as thirteen percent of our body´s calcium requirement.

Taking all this into account, it shows how good kale is even though by cooking it we actually do away with around 33% of its nutritional value!

How to grow cabbage and choose the right variety

So now you have decided to produce your own cabbage, how do you go about selecting the right variety to grow?

Bearing in mind that both cabbage and kale are not the quickest plants to mature, you can expect to have to wait between seventy and eighty five days before you see results of mature heads of cabbage.

Your home grown cabbages are going to look different

Another thing to remember regarding the question "how to grow cabbage" is that your home grown cabbages are going to look nothing like the cabbages you see all neatly trimmed and displayed in the vegetable section of your local supermarket.

This is because the side leaves which can take up a three to four feet diameter are not edible and have to be discarded.

you'll have to experiment

Choosing the right cabbage to grow is all about a little experimentation really and finding one with a flavor to suit your particular taste buds and an appearance which appeals to your eye.

There is no shortage of colors of the cabbage plant, from a deep red/purple color right through to a steely blue, and all of them have distinct flavors ranging from mild to completely over the top.

How to grow cabbage - best places

Of course, there are many places where you will find cabbage and kale plants used in garden borders, not only to be eaten at a later date, but to make the garden look good too. Why not grow your cabbages alongside your geraniums and petunias, or plant your kale with pansies and nasturtiums for companions?

How interesting would that make your garden to everyone who sets eyes on it?

Watch for Groundhogs

Take heed of this though - groundhogs simply adore cabbage, so don't make it too easy for them. Plant your crop where it will be difficult for groundhogs to make a meal of your entire crop in a very short space of time!

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