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I was sitting here feeling very guilty about a cheat this morning. I typed it into my browser and low and behold this site turned up. Haha I feel so much better. It was not a healthy cheat either lol it was a terribly sinful cheat and I am ONLY on day two.

But I am sticking with the plan, thanks to this site, despite my terrible cheat. (Two cookies and a tea with milk and sugar) I hope I still lose weight....anyway thank you for being here!!!! Will I still lose weight? I am not very heavy to begin with, its just ten pounds of baby fat that I want to get rid of, and its just not as easy as it used to be (at my age) :)

the cheat was a cheat but not as terrible as you might think. Just go ahead while sticking closely to the cabbage soup diet plan and eat even more cabbage soup than you've planned in the beginning.
This will flush your cheat and help you keeping you motivated for the remaining 5 days.
I'm sure that by this you should still see an impressive weight loss.

All the best,

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Day 5
by: Erica

Hi I am on day 5, I have lost five pounds so far despite my terrible cheat on my second day. I havent cheated since well not like that anyway...I didnt have any bananas, I couldnt bare eating soup for breakfast I ate an apple. Anyway, I still have the rest of tonight and two more days to go, my daughters birthday is tomorrow...oh I hope I make it...again thank you for being here, just being able to talk helps through the rough spots, and I was havin a rough moment. Actually those rough moments arent as bad as they were the first two days thank goodness...k well take care and will let you know more on tuesday or definitely wednesday!

Hi Erica,
well done so far!
Maybe you can prepare something for the birthday of your daughter (or bring it to her) that would match your day 6 of the cabbage soup diet.

E.G a big plate of vegetables or a salad bowl
with "light" dressing. Combine this with some lean meat and you are fine. Please stay away from the birthday cake - as this could ruin all your success so far...

But I'm sure you will manage the remaining two days two.

All the best,

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