Gastric Bypass Vitamins after Bariatric Surgery

The intake of Gastric Bypass Vitamins is important for every person considering gastric bypass surgery, no matter if it is a roux-en-y, lap band, etc. You are going to have to come to the realization that this type of surgery will drastically alter your body's ability to be able to absorb the minerals, nutrients and vitamins due to the smaller portions of food that you will be consuming.

If you become low on these vitamins and minerals, it can have deleterious effects on your body. There are various excellent mineral and vitamin supplements available on the market today and on the Internet that will more than meet the bariatric patient's needs.

Consult your doctor before taking any gastric bypass vitamins

In case you would have any difficulty taking or having any reaction to any of the vitamin or mineral supplements you are taking, do not hesitate to consult your surgeon or dietician for suggestions.


If you do your research before you make your choice, you will find that there are many brands of multivitamins you can choose from that say they are easy to absorb and digest.

Some multi-formulas you may find are comprehensive, and they contain a complete B-complex and a large range of trace minerals. You can find multivitamins in capsules, chewables and powders. Each person is different as to the way she takes her medication, so choose wisely.


Bariatric Advantage
The Calcium Citrate from Bariatric Advantage is a chewable that can be chewed or allowed to dissolve in the mouth. This allows you to get the calcium you need without swallowing large or multiple pills, which can be challenging. Calcium citrate, the form most recommended by doctors, is the sole calcium source in the product. It also provides Vitamin D for the support of bone health.

Celebrate Bariatric Supplements
With the Calcium PLUS tablets, you can get a thirty day supply for just about $10. These calcium tablets have been particularly formulated to quickly break down. This supplement is actually more than calcium alone. It can deliver 1000mg of calcium citrate, 1000 International Units of vitamin D and a whole lot more.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins are a group of vitamins called B-complex and include each of the vital water-soluble vitamins excluding vitamin C. B-complex vitamins are necessary for a vast array of body functions such as metabolism, energy production, cellular replication and more.

Iron - Celebrate Bariatric Supplements - Iron+C 30 mg Tablet

One very common side effect after having bariatric surgery is becoming iron deficient. In order to ensure that you are getting enough iron, you are going to have to find an effective iron supplement.

You can purchase Iron +C in 30mg tablets for a thirty- day supply for just $6.25 or a ninety-day supply for just under $17.

On the other hand, Bariatric Advantage makes chewable iron tablets that are not only easy to take but they taste great, too! This company sells their iron in different size milligrams all at different prices. For instance, the 18mg iron tablet is composed of Ferronyl carbonyl iron.

The vitamin C this tablet contains helps to optimize iron utilization and absorption. These iron tablets are easy on the patient's digestive system, side effects such as constipation are minimized and they are designed to support maximum absorption.


You must remember that having gastric bypass surgery is going to require a whole new lifestyle change. You are going to have to be on vitamin supplements for the rest of your life and be monitored closely.

When it comes to Gastric bypass vitamins then Bariatric Advantage and Celebrate Bariatric Supplements seem to be two very reputable companies to deal with.

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