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To check out a gastric bypass forum and find out what others have to say who have already taken up this option of weight loss surgery is a good idea if you are considering undergoing a gastric bypass procedure.

This is the place where you will discover the problems and issues experienced by others as well as learning about the health risks involved.

There are several gastric bypass forum and support groups available for you to browse through and gather unbiased information from on the Internet - here are details of just a few of them.

Gastric Bypass Forum: Obesity Help

Similar to facebook, Obesity Help is an online web 2.0 platform specifically designed for obese people who are having or have had treatment. Here profiles can be created, photographs uploaded and interaction with others by leaving comments, help and support is encouraged. Click here!

Thinner Times Support Groups

With over 9000 members to date and containing almost 600,000 posts this international obesity surgery forum is for those who have had gastric bypasses and Lap-Band® treatments. It's a great place to express your feelings and share your experiences or simply read about what has happened to others.

Gastric Bypass Forum: Lapband Talk

This is the place where you can sign up for free membership and take advantage of being a part of the largest forum for Lap Band Surgery Discussion and Lap Band Procedure Support. It currently covers 112,000 topics with almost 1,500,000 posts and has more than 93,000 members. Click here!

MDJunction Gastric Bypass Support Group

An ideal website for not only patients but friends and relatives to talk about all things gastric bypass surgery related. You need to be registered to interact with the other 266 members but once you have done this you can join in discussions, write a daily diary, wear a ribbon, hug your friends and even write up your review on a doctor.

Daily Strength Gastric Bypass Support Group

Similar to MDJunction mentioned above, this site offers you the additional advantage of being able to put questions to the experts and get immediate answers.

Along with this you can chat, complete a wellness diary, set your personal goals and track them as you go and check out the latest research news on the subject matter. This is an extremely interesting site which is also very visually appealing too.

WebMD: Weight Loss Surgery Support Group

This website is where you can fulfill your need to talk to others who have also undergone gastric bypass surgery and you can give and receive support and advice.

The Decision is All Yours

It is up to you now to make an informed decision. Undergoing gastric bypass surgery may, as it has been for many others, be your final step in tackling your obesity problem. These days there are so many resourses out there to help you (your clinic may well have its own forum) due to the fact that many people have either had this kind of surgery or are gleaning as much information as possible whilst considering this step.

Read biographies too!

Remember, this is not something to take lightly and it requires a total change of lifestyle so give this some serious thought prior to going ahead. As well as taking a look at the forums listed above you may also wish to read the biographies of people who have travelled this road before you and test out some of the recipes in the cookbooks specifically designed with gastric bypass surgery patients in mind.

Check Post-operative service of your clinic too!

It pays to listen carefully to what your obesity clinic has to say. You will need to know about the post-op services on offer and if email/forum support and counseling is available should you require it.

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