Fruit Diet Day 1: with the improved 7 day diet plan of the cabbage soup diet

Welcome to the fruit diet day - your first day in your cabbage soup diet week. You can eat as much fruits as you want except of bananas. The best fruits are of course fresh fruits. The next best are frozen foods.

On this page you'll find additional information that should help you making your first day as easy and successful as possible. At the bottom you'll find frequently asked questions of our readers and my answers to it.


Replenish again your "protein tank" that was diminished by "cell reparation work" in the night.


Mix two tablespoons proteinpowder with a glass of low fat milk or butter milk. Read here why soy proteinshakes are a good option too!

Have a fruity breakfast!

fruit diet

Prepare yourself a big bowl of fruit salad based on your preferred fruits.
Add lemon juice (rich in vitamine C) to the fruit salad.


Tea or if necessary unsweetened coffee - but please limit the coffee intake. Artificial sweetener is allowed, but I don't recommend it.

Why? I want to make sure that you break soon the vicious insuline circle of "sweet - hungry - sweet - hungry..."

It's Lunchtime

One portion of cabbage soup or two or three ...
I prefer to eat the soup really hot e.g. with the help of a microvawe oven.

It is proven that hot soups have a better satiation effect and give you and your body a comfortable feeling. Of course, you may eat fruits also for lunch - and be creative! For variation try som exotic fruits like mangos or papayas too...

In the afternoon: Fatburner Shake

This is also nowadays one of my favorite drinks.

Mix together in a blender:
small pieces of ½ Papaya (peeled and seeds removed), juice of 1 lemon, and 1 orange, 1 cup cold drinking whey and 2 tbsp protein powder – mix 15 seconds! What a taste!

For dinner

Start with a big bowl of cabbage soup and then again fruit salad. Try to have dinner soon and avoid eating fruits after 6 pm. I hear you asking why? Fruits may be too heavy for your intestine system when eating too late.

Inspirational Cabbage Soup Diet Day 1 Video

Special tips for the Fruit Diet Day 1

When hunger is overwhelming

In case you get hungry, go to your fridge and warm up a portion of cabbage soup. Eat as much soup as you want and as much as you can. By the way, you may have hot soup even just before bed time.

"Fluid Fruits"

In case you don't like fruits too much, maybe it helps to change its consistency. Cut it in very small pieces, shred or mix a fruit smoothie or drink fruits fresh pressed.
Tip: For fruit smoothies the frozen foods are a great time saver!

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