Fruit and Vegetable Diet: Day 3 of the Improved Cabbage Soup Diet

fruit and vegetable diet: day 3 of the improved cabbage soup diet

The fruit and vegetable diet day is one of my favorite days. Why?
Because you have the choice between almost all fruits and vegetables - that gives you a big flexibility in preparing your meals.

Again we recommend buying organic fruits and vegetables fresh from your grocery.
Or maybe you have your own garden full with delicious veggies and fruits?! You'll find here many tips and tricks for a wonderful third cabbage soup diet day.

Only little limitations

As I said before, you can eat almost all fruits and vegetables today. However I must admit - there are some little limitations: no bananas today and veggies with a high glycemic index load like peas and corn are also not allowed!


Start with a big glass of water in the morning. For breakfast prepare yourself a protein drink and enjoy a fruit salad.

No time for cutting fruits today? Choose frozen berries from your freezer (of course you should take the berries out of the freezer the evening before, to make sure they are defrosted for breakfast...)

No problem in the office

fruits and vegetables diet

For office take with you fruits and vegetables cut in stripes and don't forget to bring with you also a big thermos bottle with the magic soup. The more soup you eat the better. And - maybe your collegues want to taste your wonderful soup too...

Canteen or Restaurant Tips

In case you want to have lunch with your collegues: Eat a portion of cabbage soup before you go. And then prefer a salad with choosing your own dressing: vinegar, a teaspoon olive oil, little salt and pepper.

Also steamed vegetables are allowed - made at their best in a coated pan with little olive oil. (in good restaurants this shouldn't be a problem!)

Fatburner Drink in the Afternoon

Prepare your favorite fatburner drink already in the morning with fruits (from day one) or with vegetables (from day two). Take the fat burner drink with you in a bottle.

Cabbage Soup in the Evening and more...

... and fruits, salad, vegetables. All together or one by one, what ever you like and prefer. And don't forget to vary your preparation: in a bowl, in a foil, grilled, steamed in a wok...

Special Tips for the Diet Day 3

How about trying exotic fruits for breakfast? Papayas and Pineapples have enzymes that help boosting your protein metabolism. Protein is a valuable fat burner in your body. Marinate your exotic salad with orange and lemon juice. For best results avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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