Free Cabbage Soup Recipes

Nutritious Cabbage Soup Recipe Ideas for your family

I hope you enjoy all these free cabbage soup recipes on my website. Learn here how you can adapt every cabbage soup recipe in that way that your family can have a nutritious meal while you can stay on track with the cabbage soup diet.

Cabbage Soup filled with Pasta (for your family)

You can prepare from any traditional cabbage soup a nutritional powersoup: Simply choose nourishing pasta varieties, like pasta with whole wheat, spinach, quinoa and other vegetables, including beet and tomato; then add some lean protein such as chicken or turkey or tuna.

It's a simple way to get most of your best nutrients in one single, filling dish. Soup's on!

You may enjoy this kind of healthy soup too - but only AFTER the cabbage soup diet week!

Cabbage Soup filled with Potatoes
(for your family)

Use whatever cabbage soup recipe you like. Cook small potato cubes separately. Put the amount of cabbage soup you need apart. Add to the remaining soup the cooked potato cubes and sour cream. Adjust with seasoning if needed: A great & nutritious family dish.

Please don't be tempted and stick to your cabbage soup without potatoes. Only after the cabbage soup diet week it is safe for you to eat this nutritious cabbage soup too!

Cabbage Soup filled with Rice

Another wonderful variation is cabbage soup filled with rice. Use preferably brown rice as it is much healthier. No matter what kind of cabbage soup recipe you use as base I recommend adding some fresh tomatoes and italian herbs like basil or thyme. Rice and tomatoes are a wonderful match.

By the way, not only cabbage itself but also rice helps your body to wash out retained water - so this power soup comes perfect for detoxifying your body when you/your family had a party the day before with many unhealthy salty snacks...

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