Flatulence Treatment

6 great little helpers against flatulence

Get here my best tips on flatulence treatment. These tips might be especially important while you are on the cabbage soup diet. For a better understanding I'll start with some theorie why flatulence happens.

Flatulence -a chemical reaction

Flatulence occurs when excess gases are built in the digestive tract and are then transported through the rectum. Chemical reactions that happen after eating certain foods e.g. cabbage are the most typical cause. There are also other gas-promoting foods including apricots, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, radishes, and onions.

Relation between complex carbohydrates and excess gas

These type of foods contain complex carbohydrates, (Low glycemic Index!) which are often incompletely digested in the stomach and small intestine.
As soon as they arrive in the large intestine, they are "eaten" by the harmless bacteria that live there, and certain gases - hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane are by-products of this bacterial intervention.

People react differently when eating Cabbage

Remember that people react differently to various foods. Some people have found that corn or oats give them gas. Others show no reaction when eating cabbage or beans. Maybe you are one of them - if not - read on!

The only good thing about flatulence is that by itself it is not a symptom of cancer or any other serious intestinal disease.

Best flatulence treatment: Green Pharmacy

There are ways to reduce the amount of gas produced by cabbage and other risky foods while still eating them. A number of herbs are used as flatulence treatment:

1. Cumin:

One of the best spices to prevent and relieve flatulence. If you like cumin, make sure to add it to your cabbage soup no matter which recipe you choose. If you don’t like its taste – other herbs containing the most gas-relieving chemicals are caraway, dill, fennel, peppermint, sage and thyme.

2. Camomile Flowers:

This is our favorite flatulence treatment. Just give some dry camomile flowers in your soup - we tried many herbs and prefer camomile as its taste is almost neutral.

3. Ginger

Mix a freshly grated ginger root with some lemon juice. But also in tablet form ginger is a great all-purpose digestive aid. It is very useful for relieving flatulence as it soothes the digestive tract.

Other herbs in the mint and carrot families are good carminatives too, including basil, bergamot, coriander, garlic, lavender, lemon, maroram, nutmeg, oregano and rosemary. Try using carminative herbs to flavor your cabbage dishes.

4. Carmina Tea

You can also deflate flatulence with Carmina Tea, made with camomile, caraway, dill, fennel, melissa and peppermint and sweetened with licorice.

Other natural flatulence treatment alternatives:

Besides taking herbs, you can try a number of other natural approaches to help shut off your body's gasworks.

5. Eating slowly!

It also helps to eat more slowly. Even on cabbage soup diet! Chew your food thoroughly. Make meals as relaxed as possible. If you eat quickly and wolf your food down, you swallow larger lumps, which are more likely to enter the intestine undigested.

Avoid the following, which introduce excess air and gas into your system and can cause flatulence: smoking, chewing gum, drinking carbonated drinks, and drinking from water fountains.

6. Magic Beano

Sprinkle Beano on your first bite of a gas-promoting food. Beano is available at pharmacies or get it here online. It has a mild soy sauce-type flavor that usually works well with cabbage and other gas producers.

It contains the enzymes that can digest the gas-causing carbohydrates raffinose and stachyose but which our bodies don't produce. A study has shown that it really works.

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