Fitness Ebooks Review

In our fitness ebooks review we concetrate on the two best books in the market. Read here why we warmly recommend these fitness ebooks in combination to a healthy nutrition.

Ebook 1:
The Truth About Six-Pack Abs

the truth about sixpack abs ebook

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a fitness ebook written by professional fitness trainer Mike Geary. You can download this ebook and begin using it immediately for your weight loss plan and stomach workout routine.

Geary has a Bachelors of Science degree from Susquehamma University in Pennsylvania and is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. His specialties are strength training and body fat reduction; and it really shows in his ebook. The Truth About Six Pack Abs has received a five star rating from every fitness site which has reviewed the ebook.

The legions of satisfied customers around the globe are proof positive that The Truth About Six Pack Abs is the real deal.

This ebook provides you with a multitude of stomach exercises to perform along with a whole body workout regimen. Pictures are included to help you get the most out of your routine. By combining these exercises with a good program of nutrition, you’ll lose weight while building your abs to let your six pack shine through.

Here are my favorite 9 items in the
"Truth About Six Pack Abs" program:

1. Mike Geary gives you 15 little-known secrets which can increase your metabolism.
2. This ebook shows you how to make the most of cardio exercise.
3. There are 6 unique exercises given which stimulate fat loss like no other exercises can do.
4. There are over a dozen nutritional secrets in this ebook that will fire up your inner metabolic furnace
5. The ebook shows you 5 foods which actually trigger fat; ones that people think of as "healthy".
6. You can discover exercises which will both burn fat and stimulate the production of testosterone & growth hormones.
7. You’ll learn unique abs training techniques which reduce your belly fat and love handles.
8. This is a scientifically designed full-body training program which will get you started out on the right path to get better results from your exercise.
9. 84 different Lean-Body meal plans designed by a nutritionists for healthy, balanced meals and snacks to keep you energized and in fat-burning mode.

Ebook 2:
Firm And Flatten Your Abs

firm and flatten your abs ebook

Wouldn’t you like to know how many calories are burned in ab exercises?

You’d like to lose those love handles and unsightly flab, wouldn’t you?

Find the best way to work your abs without hurting your back, without using all of those expensive and often ineffective machines and exercise plans. In short, you want a program that I could understand.

I started to get frustrated when I’d walk into the gym and see everyone trying to work out their abs, most them in the wrong way. These people were getting nowhere! A lot of people do pilates for an ab workout, but I’ve found something better:

Firm and Flatten Your Abs, written by David Grisaffi. It is one of the very rare amazing fitness ebooks. In this book you’ll learn about the best ab workout on the web – but that’s not all! You’ll also learn:

• the best exercises for your lower abdominal muscles
• how to get abs like the women‘s fitness models have
• the correct way to do abdominal crunch exercises
• the quickest way to tighten your abs
• more than 100 abdominal exercises
• the 9 best ab sculpting exercises

Plus, you’ll learn how the best way to lose belly fat. You'll get a comprehensive abdominal workout plan and learn the answer to the question "Why does my waist get bigger when I do abdominal exercises?" That’s no joke - but I did laugh in delight at the wealth of information contained in this book.
So instead of wondering:
• How do I do v-sit exercises?
• Where are online ab workouts?
• Does the ab lounge ultra work?
... you can KNOW the answers.

Don't waste money on ab machines that you don‘t need! If you’re ready to make that gut vanish and firm up your abs, check out David Grisaffi’s Firm and Flatten Your Abs.

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