Fish Diet: Day 5 of the improved
cabbage soup diet plan

fish diet: day 5 of the improved cabbage soup diet

I suppose that you know already your daily routine almost by sleep for the fish diet day . The highlight today: Fish and Tomatoes.

No other vegetables and also no fruits! If you don’t like fish you may replace it with poultry or a lean steak (see picture below)

General Overview:

For breakfast and in the afternoon drink the protein shake and eat whenever you like your cabbage soup. For lunch, dinner and also for breakfast – as often as you like – fish (or skinless poultry), grilled or steamed together with tomatoes.

Here is a wonderful fish recipe for the fish diet day 5.)

fish diet

My favorite fish recipe for day 5

Tomatoe Codfish Filet
150 g codfish filet
3 tomatoes
1 tbsp hacked fresh herbs (like: parsley, chives, dill)
1 hacked garlic glove
2 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp olive oil
salt and pepper

1. heat oven at 200° degrees, wash codfish and dry. Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Wash tomatoes remove shaft and cut in thick pieces.

2. lubricate a big alufoil with olive oil. Put tomatoes on it, add salt and pepper, garlic and herbs. Place the fish on it with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Fold foil and close it firmly. Bake it 20 minutes at 200° degrees

Delicious Tip: Add Shrimps!

Today you may add to your soup also some shrimps or poultry breast (skinless). The cabbage soup variation with shrimps I make even nowadays – it tastes delicious - like a gourmet soup!

Or how about a big steak with tomatoes and zucchini?

As said above, if you don't like fish replace it today with a lean steak - doesn't it look delicious on the picture below?

steak with tomatoes

Wonderful Tomato variations:

A tomato is a fruit from "paradise", that helps with its potassic to detox your body according to many studies. It also may prevent cancer. Here are some tomato variations:

-Wash fresh tomatoes, remove shaft, and cut in slices. Prepare it on a plate, drop 1-2 teaspoons aceto balsamico and 1 teaspoon olive oil on it and garnsih with fresh basil leaves.

-Wash fresh tomatoes, remove shaft, cut in thick pieces. Puree in a mixer. Season with salt, pepper and 1-2 teaspoon vinegar. Garnish with basil leaves. Enjoy it cold as a dip or warm as a soup.

Fish is a natural fatburner!

Also after your cabbage soup diet week it could be a great idea to add fish meals to your weekly nutrition. Fish suppplies valuable protein – and that helps your body burning fat. Seefish is rich in omea 3 fatty acid, which protects your heart and your nerves.

It gives you also the necessary iodine for hormones that keep you slim.

More Fish Tips:

You don’t like fish bones and that’s why you hate fish?

Bad excuse!

Many fish are almost boneless. Here are some examples: hake, walleye, bass and sole. Also codfish and salmon almost have no bones. Pay attention however with brace, carp and halibutt.

By the way, lowfat fish is codfish, hake, haddock and plaice.

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