Fava beans

by Mony
(Cairo, Egypt)

Fava beans are staple Egyptian food. Millions of Egyptians start off their day with a plate of stewed fava beans, served with olive oil, lemon juice and cumin. It has a high protein content and can keep you filled up for the whole day.
While I don't really prefer meat and hate tofu, can I have a serving of fava beans on days 5 or 6? Are any beans or pulses also allowed?

What is meant by sugar free juices on day 7? Fresh home made or commercial sugar free?


Dear Mony,
I regret, but you can't have Fava beans on the cabbage soup diet week. You also can't have other legumes like beans or pulses.
After the Cabbage Soup diet week however eating Fava Beans regularly is a healthy habit.

With sugar free juices only cranberry juice is meant. It is usually too sour to drink it in high quantities, hence it is safe;)

All the best

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