Fat Burning Workouts

The magic formula for supporting
your fat burning soup diet

fat burning workouts

Fat Burning Workouts help you to switch your short term weight loss result into a longterm success. If you don’t move your body your metabolism works slowly and your muscels burn on a low energy modus.

The biological difference in storage of fat

Biologically, men and women are different when it comes to the storage of fat. Men and women store fat generally in different locations on their body.

Men have a tendency to store fat around the mid section causing the pot belly look. Women end up storing fat around their hips and buttocks.

Implementing exercise routines specific to target those areas while on the cabbage soup diet can significantly benefit the weight loss process. 

Shedding pounds is not the most difficult task in losing weight especially with the cabbage soup diet. The real issue is keeping the weight off after losing it. Many people who diet end up quitting their diets after they achieve their weight loss target.

Little Moving - Big influence!

Fat burning workouts can help maintain your weight or even lose more weight, influencing positively the:
- cardiovascular system
- blood fat values
- muscle mass
- body feeling
- complete metabolism
- mental health
Try to make activites or fitness programs two – three times per week. Try to make more often a break in the starting period. Your body gets better used to this strain.

Increase your fat burning workouts in small steps. You should be grateful also for a minor success.

fat burning workouts

Soft Fat burning Workouts

The best you can do is to choose soft sports like:
- Walking
- Running
- Hiking
- Biking
- Swimming

A longer workout is better for fat burning than a short strain. The most effective fat burning workouts for weight loss and fitness are running or walking. You stimulate up to 70 % of your muscels - melting fat from your hips. The best time is in the morning when your stomach is yet empty. (fasting & exercising!)

How to start:

Get yourself good running or walking shoes. We warmly recommend MBT shoes. Research shows (and my own experience) that jogging or walking in such shoes uses up more calories and increases the fitness effect, while helping you to shed pounds + cellulite reduction.
Read here more about those wonderful mbt shoes!

A cheaper alternative?
There are shoes that claim to have the same effects like the MBT shoes, called "negative heel shoes". While I own in the meanwhile two MBT shoes (sneakers and sandals) and warmly recommend them, I've never tested the "negative heel shoes". The only thing which is apparent is the much more affordable price.

Also using a pulse watch which gives you a "beep" when you run too fast is very important!.

If you exercise too hard your body burns carbohydrates instead of fat. Moreover you risk to get a "charley horse" the next day. This might keep you from exercising again.

The best you can do as beginner: exercise with a pulse between 120 – 130.

Walking Tips:

- Start with stretching for 5 - 10 minutes
- Then start to walk with powerful paces and good help of your arms. Walk for 30 minutes with a fat burner frequency of 100 - 120 paces per minute

Running Tips:

Do you prefer to run - and haven't done it since your childhood? No Problem! Start Running (not too fast!) for one minute then walk again until your pulse comes down. The next day you try perhaps two minutes. If this is too much, walk again until your pulse calms.

If you run every day one minute more you can soon run 30 minutes. Maybe unbelievable - but many "beginners" manage immediately a 30 minutes run when they start with an optimal pulse. And once they experience the "runners high" many of them want more. It is not seldom that they start training for a marathon. If this could be you - then check out the following website about running.

Be consistent!

Regular fat burning workouts - even if it's just some minutes - is better for your health, your body and your weight than more streneous exercises done only intermittently. Soon you'll find that further weight loss - on the successful diet cabbage soup or any other weight loss plan you might decide to follow - becomes easier.

You need even more Workout Ideas?

Here's a brand new site called workoutpass.com. For one membership fee, you'll get immediate access to almost 50 sites and over hundred exercising programs. You select the type of workout you want (legs, abs, arms, etc.) and you'll get online videos and specific details that show you how to do the exercises and when you should practice them. This is a fantastic site!

Special Tip: Online fitness trainer

Nothing of the above mentioned activities entices you? Then we warmly recommend to check the special training program from Denise Austin.

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