Fat Burning Soup Diet

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A fat burning soup diet is perfect for you if you don't like rigid 7 day plans but would like to incorporate some healthy weight loss patterns in your daily life.

fat burning soup diet

Read here everything you need to know on fat burning soup diets.

emphasis on fat burning soup

There are a number of ways to lose weight that are often overlooked. One very helpful method that does not receive the attention it deserves, is a diet that places a lot of emphasis on eating soup.

Now, some may shake their heads at this notion and talk about the less than stellar benefits of a liquid diet. Such an assessment is not correct because soup is far more than just a liquid.

soup as excellent alternative to traditional meals

Fat burning soups will contain a healthy amount of vegetables, meats or poultry. As such, soup can provide an excellent alternative to traditional big meals while also leaving you full.

I know that it doens't surprise you, when I'm telling you, that in particular cabbage soup is an excellent soup for achieving these goals. But check also our chicken soup recipe in the right column!

Fewer Calories and More Benefits

And, of course, soup is much lower in calories than a number of meals which automatically makes it an excellent choice for those looking to lose weight.

Also, soup is filled with many vitamins, minerals, and other essentials for a healthy diet.

Cabbage, in particular, comes with many essential nutrients that helps the body in many ways. This is a critically important point because the nutritional aspect of soup is what separates it from an unhealthy crash diet.

Signals to the Brain

When you eat soup, you are sending a message to the brain that you have eaten a healthy and adequate meal. When the brain encodes such information, it will curtail the pangs of hunger.

Often, water is used for this same result but the sustained success of using water is limited because water has not calories or any solid items in it.

Because soup has so many nutritional aspects to it, it can easily swerve the body’s natural sensors and reverse the body’s need for unnecessary and additional food.

Fat Burning Cabbage Soup Diet

The above mentioned fact leads me to my best strategy with a fat burning soup diet. I often use the cabbage soup as a starter before my regular meals. This is extremely helpful after the 7 day cabbage soup diet, to maintain your weight loss and drop even more pounds in the long run.

Using cabbage soup as a starter has the advantage that the satiety effect starts much earlier when eating your regular meal than without soup. Altogether you consume less calories than without this kind of fat burning soup diet.

By the way, did you know that eating a hand full licorice can give your body similar satiety effects?

Another Option: Fat Burning Soup as a Meal Replacement

Does this mean that you should substitute a fat burning soup for all your meals? No, this would not be a wise strategy and no one is recommending such an extreme diet.

Instead, it is suggested to use soup as a substitute meal replacement for other food choices that can undermine your ability to lose weight. For example, cabbage soup could be used as a substitute for starch and breads which are known for packing on excess weight.

basic fat burning soup diet - changes unhealthy eating habits

Adding cabbage or other soups to your diet also can work a great deal towards changing unhelpful eating habits. Those that like to reach for sugar snacks late at night could always substitute soup in their place.

This can help alter unhealthy eating patterns that notoriously add outrageous amounts of calories to one’s diet. Over time, these substitutions can lead to a dramatic reduction in weight because a great deal of unhelpful calories will be removed from one’s diet.

boosts the body's metabolism

Additionally, adding a few bowls of soup as a snack between meals can help keep the body’s metabolism from slowing down which is commonly the case when one goes long stretches without eating between meals. Since soup is low in calories, it does not negatively impact one’s weight when eaten between meals. Instead, it contributes to the process of burning fat.

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