Fat burning cabbage soup diet

What's behind the Slim Magic of Cabbage?

Why do many people on the net call this diet the fat burning cabbage soup diet? Maybe you guess it - one of the best fat burners in the world of vegetables is cabbage. I'll tell you in a minute why.

Your body has to provide a lot of energy to digest the cabbage soup and realize the best fat burners effect. Where does this energy come from? You guess the answer: Your fat pads supply it! Also the diet fruits and vegetables, you’re allowed to eat unlimited, help your body burning fat. The fat burning cabbage soup diet itself is of course also very low in fat.

Glycemic Index Formula

This diet has an additional "slim factor": Ther are no bad carbohydrates! The Glycemic Index (GLYX) Formula decides on your destiny: Fat or Slim - it decides if your hormones bunker fat or melt fat.

Fat Hormone Insuline

An easy formula: There are eatables with a high glycemic index, like sugar and fine flour, as much as food consisting of them. And there are eatables with a low glycemic index like whole meal products, vegetables, pasta, most fruits, dairy products etc.

Many glycemic index books have been written on this important theme. The most of them include very good tab overviews on low and high GI products. My advice for you: Get or borrow yourself such a book for a better focus on low GI products.

Here is why you should know what you eat:

If you eat something with a high glycemic index a big amount of insuline hormones will be activated and flow to your blood. This insuline will take the sugar in your blood and fill up quickly your cells with it.

Bottom line: Your blood sugar level falls. You'll get nervous, low in concentration and your brain cries for sugar replenishment.

Fatal Sugar Addiction

There is no way! Your brain forces you to eat again. A chocolate bar, a sausage sandwich, your pancreas gets a shock and sends again Insuline in your blood. This happens all day long.

As long as insuline has the power "slim" hormones like glucagon have no match, no best fat burners effect.

Glucagon melts fat away from your hips, backside and belly but only when your Insuline level is low.

The fat burning cabbage soup diet breaks away the vicious circle of sugar/Insuline/low blood sugar/ravenousness. It maintains a low Insuline level the whole day. Glucagon is now applied easily and helps you losing pounds, supplying the best fat burners effect.

Change your eating habits

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Best Fat Burners A-Z

- Apple-Cider-Vinegar
- Ascorbic acid
- Brewer's Yeast
- Cabbage
- Cilantro
- Chili
- Drinking Water
- Green Tea
- Lemongrass

- Licorice

- Wheat Grass Juice
Even more fat burning food you find here!

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