Fast Weight Loss Diets

Healthy Tips and Tricks before starting
any cabbage soup diet plan

Before starting any of the fast weight loss diets options we warmly recommend our magic formula tips.

Magic formula Drinking

Please drink at least 12 large cups of herbal teas or 12 glasses of large water per day. This will help flush out your system as well and will help get you used to drink more regularly also after the 7 day diet. Of course you have registered that the older diet version recommends only 8 - 10 large glasses. I'm not the founder of this classic version. But my personal advice for you is, drink 12 large glasses or more, if possible.

Read here why.

As I never get that thirsty to drink enough here a good tip that works for me: Fill a large glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning, with your vitamins and when you brush your teeth. This gets your body started and it's one less glass you have to remember to drink later.

Magic Formula Breath Work

Do you breath correctly or swallow like the most of us? Abdominal breathing is very important for an optimal weight. Check here if you breath healthy?

Magic Formula Fitness Exercises

Perform fitness exercises two - three times per week for at least 30 minutes a day - by this you will get in shape, and you keep your metabolism burning in high gear!

Here are some fat burning workouts for you.

Magic Formula Low Fat Recipes

Prefer low fat recipes after the 7 day diet. Check your recipe collection and switch more and more towards delicious low fat recipes.

Magic Formula Glycemic Index

This was my most important lesson after the 7 day cabbage soup diet. Taking into account the glycemic index of food is useful, if you're looking to reduce even more weight after the 7 day program. Choosing food with low GI means lower glucose levels. A low GI can help you shed pounds and reduce the amount of blood lipids.

Different 7 day cabbage soup diet plans

there exist in the meanwhile several different 7 day cabbage soup diet plan. Get here some general informations on these plans.

Classic Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

The classic cabbage soup plan is quick and easy. The fast weight loss diet provides you with very good and healthy food. It may however fall short when it comes to certain food groups like protein, calcium and grains. Especially when you don't add proteinshakes to your diet week! We recommend the following two other plans.

Improved New Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

This plan takes into account the lack of proteins in the basic plan on several days.

Convenient Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Convenient 7 day diet program is similar to an all-in-one 7 Day Lifestyle Diet. Based on the classic cabbage soup diet plan it is a synergy of optimised dietary, exercise and stress relief practices for both healthy weight loss and long-term health. My absolute favorite fast weight loss plan!

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