Fad Diets

and the Cabbage Soup Diet

Read here about fad diets and why I'm convinced that our successful cabbage soup diet 2.0 is standing out in a positive sense.

some are really ineffective

Many diet programs become very popular for a limited period of time and then "fade out". Some are really ineffective others lose the interest of the publicity. Evaluating their nutritional benefit can be really difficult. What is more most diet proponents find medical professionals to give their work credit.

Examples of such "unhealthy" diets include the One Day Diet, the Camebridge Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, the Hollywood Diet, the Scarsdale Diet, the Blood Type Diet, the Red Wine Diet and the maybe most famous Atkins Diet.

Lack of Energy Balance

Most of these diets don't take into account the basic nutritional rule of energy balance. In order to lose weight the energy you consume must be less than the energy you burn. Your body will store this excess energy as fat, if you eat more energy than you burn.

Dangerous dieting techniques

Permanent Yo-yo dieting is especially ineffective and dangerous, because it slows down the metabolism. An immediate weight gain occurs once the food intake is the same as before.

You really need to be wary. Many prescribed and over-the-counter (OTC) medications have shown to be very dangerous to the health and consequently withdrawn from sale.

As a result of the bad living conditions some concentration camp survivors involuntarily suffered famine. They were then examined by doctors, who examined that the little weight they had it was mostly fat, with almost no muscle.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a successful quickstart concept

While the most of the above mentionned diets come and go, the classical cabbage soup diet has survived the test of time although it is also often considered as fad diet! However, if followed correctly, many people are successful in losing weight. Why we know this? Beacause we get many feedback from our valued reader who are living proof that it works. We're so sure of the caloric and medical efficacy of that diet that you'll get here all the information you need.

The Successful Cabbage Soup Diet includes a wide variety of foods with plenty of fruit and vegetables, modest amounts of fat. This is combined with tips for regular activity and many ideas for the time after to help maintain a healthy weight.

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