Exercising on the 7 day diet

by Londeka
( Sandton, Gauteng,South Africa)

Should you do exercises even if you feel lightheaded? Or is it wise just to stick to walking?

Hi Londeka,
the lack in carbohydrates might make you lightheaded. A great tip is to nibble some carrots, depending on your diet day - as far as vegetables are allowed.

For exercises just stick to walking, if this is what you can do without problems. Don't force yourself to any additional exercises, if you don't feel well with them.

All the best,

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Hi, thanks alot for your diet suggestions that include the protein that is crucial. I have a question, how often and for which duration should one do aerobic exercise during the 7 day plan?

Hi Elizabeth,
welcome to the cabbage soup diet forum. Thank you for your compliment.

The best would be to do aerobic exercises daily for at leat 30 minutes. An even better fat burning effect you will achieve when you are exercising in the morning with an empty stomach.
Walking, running, or biking is fine but don’t forget to exercise with an optimal pulse rate –
make sure to read my article on pulse watches

Aerobic exercises help you not only to boost your metabolism but they are also mentally important, as they can give you an enourmous motivational kick.

Best of all, aerobic exercises will help you also after the 7 day diet to switch to a healthier life style with integrated aerobic exercises.
That's why it's great to start with them while on diet.

All the best,
Gabriela - also from Germany

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