The Effects of Childhood Obesity

The 7 severe risks of childhood obesity

Learn here about the 7 severe effects of childhood obesity. No matter if you have children or not, I'm sure most of you know the following fact: Overweight children become targets for serious health conditions often considered as diseases only adults could get.

1. Health Aspects

High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol to mention only a few. Besides of the medical aspects there are also some severe psychical aspects.

2. Last ones to be chosen as playmates

Overweight children also may be subject to low self-esteem as this may stem from being bullied, teased or being rejected by their peers. It's sad but true - usually overweight children are some of the last ones to be chosen as playmates. This can occur as early as preschool.

3. overweight kids are more likely to develop eating disorders

Children whose weight problem causes them unhappiness are more likely to develop eating disorders and unhealthy eating habits than average-weight children. They can develop such diseases as bulimia, anorexia nervosa; they may be more subject to depression as well as substance abuse.

4. effect of childhood obesity have a direct impact
on their quality of life

The effects of childhood obesity mean the risk of developing certain medical problems that will affect a child’s present and future health and will have a direct impact on their quality of life. This includes:

• High cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated blood lipid levels, being insulin resistant and type 2 diabetes
• Joint and bone problems
• Being short of breath that will make sports, exercise or any other physical activity much harder and may aggravate the symptoms as well as increasing the chances of developing asthma

• Disordered or restless sleep patterns
• Tendency to mature earlier – Overweight children may tend to be on the taller side and may mature sexually at a faster rate than their peers. Many people feel that since these kids look old then they should act more mature than they really are. Overweight girls may have menstrual cycles that are irregular and may have fertility problems when they become adults.

• Gall bladder and liver disease
• Depression.

5. childhood obesity might lead to
serious medical conditions as adults

Risk factors that are present in childhood such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes can often lead to serious medical conditions as adults such as heart disease, stroke and heart failure.

Treating Childhood Obesity

So our aim must be preventing childhood obesity with high priority to reduce the risk of developing these conditions as they get older. But even if your child is already overweight you can do something actively. Read more about it in our section "childhood obesity treatment".

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