weight loss programs for best longterm success

When you login at ediets you get access to one of the most recognizable online membership based diet programs. These weight loss programs -online- are based upon food preferences, lifestyles and individual personal goals.

Meets individual needs:

Once you start this program, you choose from a selection of different types of plans. These diet plans include: Cholesterol-lowering plan, Diet Vegetarian Diet, Ediets Diet Plan, Healthy Soy Diet, Heart Smart Diet, Low Sugar Diet, Low-Fat Diet, High Fibre Diet, Low-Sodium Diet or Lactose-Free Diet.

Once you select a diet it is further customized to meet your individual needs. A comprehensive personal profile questionnaire helps to create your individual diet.

Longterm Weight Loss and Better Health :

They promise an affordable, versatile program that will help you have better health, improved self-esteem, increased energy and a new slimmer figure. EDieters lose an average of 2 pounds per week. This is an optimal week goal after the successful cabbage soup diet.

Program Elements:

It's the guidelines of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid, which this online diet and weight loss program follows. They do not sell packaged foods. Supplements, diet pills and weight loss drugs are not part of the program.

You get a customized diet plan, weekly updated menus and shopping lists and a database of recipes. A big online community, a personalized fitness program with virtual trainer, a body/mind aware program and a downloadable weight loss software round up a very professional longterm weight loss system.

Focus on your specific needs

It offers so much that if you’re not careful you could get lost in the midst of things. However, the variety of them can also be a positive thing for those with very specific needs.

The important thing is to know what you’re looking for before you begin. Focus on your needs, and don’t get swayed by other types of plans. There’s not a lot of hand holding with eDiets due to the fact that you don’t get a personal consultant but with the intense level of specific customization that is done you probably won’t need it.

There is help through their online community. It can be a very effective program if you are a person who knows your individual goals but needs the proper tools to accomplish them!

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