Coffee and Weight Loss

by Unknown

I drink a lot of coffee. Can I drink coffee the whole seven days and still lose weight?

Although the improved cabbage soup diet plan and the convenient cabbage soup diet plan allow coffee we don’t really recommend it for best weight loss success.

Here is why: Something as typical to the American way of life as coffee we would never call a "drug," but we can for sure claim that this beverage has properties which are druglike:

• It stimulates.

• It changes mood.

• It's addictive.

And - unfortunately- it's bad for losing weight!
There exist two main reasons why coffee might be a problem for you trying to drop some pounds. The reason number one is physiological the reason number two is psychological.

Coffee excites the glands (adrenals) which produce stress hormones. A steady attack on these glands, from sugar, coffee, daily life and stress, can cause "adrenal exhaustion".
Coffee destroys your optimal blood sugar balance. The body feels a coffee jolt as a "stress response" much like the adrenals shooting an adrenaline jolt into the body system. It’s a signal for the release of sugar and after some hours of jitteriness, your blood sugar is extremely down, and you're burning, crashing and reaching for ... guess what? Here is a tip: It's not cabbage soup or vegetables…

Coffee matches perfectly into the receptors adenosine - a brain chemical, which is partly helping calming you down. With switching off adenosine, coffee makes you feel wired and awake. You may believe that's a great thing, but the added nervousness and stimulation from the coffee lets you feel jumpy at exactly the time that feeling calm would be an advantage. Together with the blood sugar fluctuations it causes enormous hunger cravings. Not the best precondition for a successful diet week.

Our recommendation: 2-3 cups of black coffee without sugar and milk per day might be ok when on cabbage soup diet, but the diet week works much easier without.

In your special case we don’t know much coffee you usually drink, but we think that a cabbage soup diet week with too much coffee might be very, very hard to stick to, as you’ll feel pangs of hunger.


On the version I found for the diet, it allowed black coffee, but it did not specify if it was allowed for all other days or just for some.

You may drink black coffee on every cabbage soup diet day - but we recommend not more than 2-3 cups per day.

Can i have decaff coffee with SEMI SKIMMED milk. Rather than tea and skimmed?

2-3 cups of decaff coffee with semi skimmed milk should be ok with the cabbage soup diet. All the best!

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coffee or black tea on the cabbage soup diet

by Alex

Is coffee/tea allowed while on a diet? Sorry if this question was asked already. I researched the site and couldn't find an answer. Thanks!

Hi Alex,
if you can't live without it while on the cabbage soup diet you might have coffee or black tea in limited quantities. Better however is herbal tea and water...

All the best,

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drinking coffee while on the Cabbage Soup Diet

by Kristine
(New York)

I drink a lot of coffee and use flavored creamer. I can't do without it. Can I still drink the coffee with sugar free creamer while on the diet? Thanks, Kristine

Hi Kristine,

your weight loss results would be probably better without coffee, but if you can't do without it, try to limit your coffee consumption to 2-3 cups per day. Try to leave out the sugar free creamer and if you would need more coffee, drink the healthier green tea instead for best weight loss results.

All the best,

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Mmmmm... Coffee...

by Teresa P
(New Jersey)

I really really really like coffee in the morning and shudder to think of drinking it black. Can I use maple syrup and almond milk in my coffee? Or do you any recommendations on how to sweeten it?

Thank you!

Dear Teresa,

1-2 cups of coffee per day with a bit of almond milk is ok! No maple syrup or other sweetener!

All the best,

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by Nora

Can I drink 1 cup of black coffee and 1 cup of chicory (no sugar, no milk) every day while I'm on this diet?

Dober Dan Nora,
Lepo pozdravljena!

You may drink of course 1 cup of coffee. Chicory makes an excellent substitute for coffee - what is more - there is no caffeine in chicory. Some argue even that it has a more 'roasted' flavour than coffee. Just stick to it every day of your cabbage soup diet week - this shouldn't effect your weight loss success.

All the best - veliko uspeha,

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