does cabbage soup diet work

by alicia
(sydney, Australia)

does cabbage soup diet work really?
I started the cabbage soup diet on monday and have followed it very strictly and i have not lost any weight!!!! I was so worried this would happen and now it has!!! also I am finding on this diet trying to eat all the recommended foods and soup I am eating more than I normally would! Is that normal or should I cut back on the recommended foods and is it possible if I just eat the soup on its own will lose weight faster or better!!

I am not looking to lose alot, only about 5 kilos? Is that maybe why also is that i'm not really an overweight person I just would like to lose a few kilos before summer especially around my tummy!

Hi Alicia,
don't give up! Everybody reacts different. To get a clear result weigh yourself the day after Day 7. Only then you will know how much you have lost with this diet.

Make sure to use low sodium broth in your soup. Sometimes a high sodium content in the soup retains water in the body.

It is true that many people eat usually more in quantity on the cabbage soup diet days than they normally would. But the food itself is low fat and has a low glycemic index (this avoids hunger attacks). The large quatities help to flush and detoxify the body. The more soup you eat the better the effect. But stick to the diet plan as otherwise you will lack in important nutrients.

There exists also another strategy - this is what I did after my cabbage soup diet week.
Use the soup as a strater before your regular meals (lunch/dinner) as often as you can. By this you don't overeat your meals and it helps to shed pounds in the long run too. 6 pounds in a month shouldn't be a problem.

Which one of the weight loss concepts works better, depends on the individual.

All the best,

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How important is cabbage soup?

by Susan
(orange, ca)

Do you have to have the soup? or not having the soup will decrease the chances of weight loss?

Hi Susan,
yes you'll have to have cabbage soup for a successful weight loss, the more the better!
It not only detoxyfies your body, but it helps also to reduce hunger feelings. This again prevents you from bad cheatings.

All the best,

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