"Diet to go" Review

changing your eating habits is difficult!

For those that are busy with every day life, changing your eating habits can be pretty difficult - even after the 7 day cabbage soup diet. When you’ve spent your life eating a certain way it’s hard to change it over night or after a week.

Flexible Food Delivery Service

The Diet to Go service will look at each person individually. If you’re trying to eat healthier, you will be given one diet plan. If you’re trying to lose weight, your diet plan will be very different.

Maintaining weight while eating healthy means eating the correct amount of calories while eating foods that are good for you. Losing weight and eating healthy means eating a smaller amount of calories while making sure that the foods you eat are healthy.

Each goal will require a different amount and type of food. The Service also offers meal plans for vegetarians and diabetics.

Diet to Go Benefits

This Diet Delivery Service offers many benefits to those that use it.

  • The individual meal plan that is agreed upon will be delivered to you bi-weekly.

  • You will have the options to alter the agreed upon foods for a small additional fee.

  • The food that is delivered to you is fresh having been prepared not long before its arrival on your front door.

  • You can receive a price break when you recommend others to this plan.

  • Using this meal plan, you will typically lose about two to three pounds per week.

This is a healthful rate of weight loss and a program that will deliver success no matter what your goal to those that use it correctly.

Areas of Available Service - Throughout the United states!

The best: Meals from Diet to Go are available for home delivery throughout the United States. You'll be able to set a diet plan with a dietician that will work for you. Your food will be delivered to you and you'll be satisfied with the foods that you'll eat because you'll have chosen them ahead of time. You'll see the pounds come off as you eat an enjoyable meal three times a day and can even include snacks.

Only the pick up service is locally limited. Headquartered in Lorton, VA. the Diet to Go pick up service is only available in the areas of Washington DC, Baltimore, or San Fransisco Bay.

Costs of Diet To Go Plan

This weight loss concept is affordable for everyone. The cost will vary slightly based on the number of food per day, portion sizes, snacks, commitment, and several other factors.

On average, you’ll spend somewhere between $60 to $75 per week. There are longer stretches of time included in some of those plans and those will be charged flat rates. For example, if you choose a four week low fat plan, you’ll pay a total fee of around $430.

Bottom Line:

The Diet to Go plan is one that will offer the expertise of dieticians while also offering the convenience of home delivery. Your meals will be planned and your food delivered.

The investment is well worth the results, that's why we warmly
recommend it.

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