Can we take supplements?

by Sonia
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

Can you take supplement (vitamins) while on the diet? For example can I continue take my fish oil, grape seed, CQ10, calcium, etc. If not what can or can't be taken that wont effect the process of weight loss.

Thank you

Hi Sonia,
go ahead and take your supplements. In opposite - we endorse to take at least multivitamins and minerals to support the cabbage soup diet. The supplements you mentionned usually won't effect the diet success but influence it in a positive way. Check here for some recommendations:
Diet Resource

All the best,

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Diet supplements

by April

Can you supplement the cabbage soup diet with aids such as Mega T Green Tea supplements?
Hi April,
besides mulitvitamines and minerals no supplements are allowed.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Pill

by Anne

Can I take a cabbage soup diet pill instead of eating the
cabbbage soup ?

We don't recommend it - without the soup you will be very, very hungry. The pills might be an option for those who have to go away for a day for example or go to work and forget the soup. But even then we don't recommend this pill. Read here our special warning article about the actual on the net cruising cabbage soup diet pills.

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