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This diet resource features high-quality products and services that improve and extend the quality and power of the cabbage soup diet. While this quick start diet does have everything you need to shed your pounds - the foundation for your weight loss success - one thing is sure, no diet plan in the world can contain EVERYTHING.

Find in the following impartial, genuine recommendations. We include them here only because they are top-notch.

My Books

First of all let me present to you all my cabbage soup diet 2.0 books published so far as paperback, kindle or e-book versions. Just click on the picture below for more informations!

Cabbage soup diet books

Best breed products

Use this resource to pick and choose among a variety of "best of breed" products to extend the power of the successful cabbage soup diet in the following categories...

Important Cabbage Soup Diet Supplements1. Add Protein to your Cabbage Soup Diet

With the cabbage soup diet you are allowed to drink proteinshakes in the morning and in the afternoon. Your body needs protein to burn fat otherwise it melts your own, so important muscle mass. You can buy protein powder online immediately at See our widget above.

Soy Protein Powder
Not only for vegetarians we highly recommend Soy Protein.

2. Multivitamins

For the cabbage soup diet week buy yourself a good multivitamin and supplement your diet.

3. Magnesium

While on cabbage soup diet, 400 mg of magnesium daily is recommended.

4. Water

Drinking water is a great habit and extremely helpful with weight loss - at least this natural element you get for free.

If you want to learn some more healthy eating habits then join me below with my 52-week habit challenge.

Supporting Fitness Tools

MBT Shoes

MBT Shoes are really magic slimming shoes. If you don't believe me read here my MBT story.

Pulse Watch

Another great fitness tool is a pulse watch. Check my experience with polar watch here. This high quality pulse watch helps you executing your workouts at a fat burning pulse rate!

Little Helpers in the Kitchen: Aero Garden

With aerogarden you can grow fresh, organic herbs year round, no matter the climate you're in, so you always have been a your fingertips. Best of all, it's computer controlled and feeds your herbs the right amount of water and nutrients automatically, so that you never have to worry about taking care of them yourself.

Even if you have a "brown thumb," it's easy. You just add water and an organic nutrient tablet when the AeroGarden tells you it's time. And if you travel a lot or are gone frequently, not to worry. You can leave it completely unattended for up to two weeks at a time. It doesn't get much simpler than that! For more information, read a longer aero garden review. Click here!

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