Diet Motivation Tip:

Workout and Variation

One diet motivation tip more, or two or three...can never be wrong.
The following tips help you stucking to your workout programs.

Get a Workout and/or
Cabbage Soup Diet Partner

It’s always easier to do things with a friend. When it comes to dieting and working out, you won’t feel like you’re in it alone. The two of you can go out to eat together and not feel bad about having to order healthy foods. You’ll be able to check up on each other and make sure that you are both staying on the diet and you can motivate each other to exercise on a regular schedule.

There will certainly be days when the last thing you want to do is a workout or run and that will be true for your friend as well. It’s on these days that the workout partner is key because he will help convince you to get up and do it. Plus a little friendly competition never hurts.

Vary Your Workout (if possible)

My best diet motivation tip for workouts: If there are exercises that you absolutely hate to do, don’t do them. Find another exercise that works the same muscle group or produces the same cardiovascular output. You’ll be much more likely to continue your program. Find a few workouts that you like, or that you can at least tolerate, and mix them up. This can include outdoor activities like rollerblading, biking, hiking; find an activity you enjoy doing regularly.

Vary Your Cabbage Soup Diet

Varying your cabbage soup diet can make a difference as well. If you’re always eating the same prepared soup you will no doubt get sick of it. Test variations with different vegetables according to your taste.

Look in the Mirror !

Check yourself out a little bit. If you aren’t happy with what you see, then it might help reminding you to stay with your diet and exercise program.

If you do like what you see you’ll be proud of all the hard work you’ve put in and be reminded of what exactly it is that you have been working for. Just don’t let anyone walk in on your muscle or stomach admiring! ;-)

Realize the Importance of What You’re Doing for Your Health

Many people diet simply to look better and skinnier. Of course there’s nothing wrong with looking good and losing weight as your primary reasons for dieting and exercising. But what is maybe even more important: working out and eating right increases your life expectancy and improves your quality of life. You’ll have more energy and be able to do so much more.

Being healthy will make a profound difference in your life. That should be the most important diet motivation tip: Start your successful cabbage soup diet and get going on that exercise program.

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