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  • Give your brain a chance to find out that your stomach has received food. When you eat too fast you may want more food. For a meal you should plan at least 15-20 minutes before the brain gets the signal!
  • Chewing, chewing and again chewing. This prepares your eaten food optimally for the digestion process. The best: You eat longer and enjoy it more.

  • Eat only when you are really hungry. When you feel bad about throwing away left-overs, think about this "Rather waste it than wear it".

  • The more stress you have the "fatter" you get. Studies show that stressed people eat more fat and more sugar. Optimal Breath Work can help. Or how about learning a relaxation skill?

  • Never go shopping with an empty stomach. Hungry people buy more than they need. Better: prepare ahead a shopping list.

  • Scientific studies have proved that pop or rock music help you eat more quickly while classic music and also candle light help you eat more consciously. Read here more about motivational music!

  • Try to eat with knife and fork – whenever possible. No – for the cabbage soup you should still prefer the spoon… Stay away from fast food like chips, flips, choco nuggets etc. They all enhance the "I can’t get enough effect". Of course eating fruits by hand is allowed.

  • Your eyes are eating with you. Prepare your meals on big plates and garnish them with salad or vegetables. It looks like more, satifies your eyes and eating makes really fun.

  • Scietifics have found out that the odour of peppermint and apple reduce appetit whereas the odour of fresh bread and chocolate may cause you break your diet.

  • Celebrate every partial weight loss success. Award yourself, when some pounds have been melted. Buy yourself something new to dress or a guitar...

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