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Now, check out our cabbage soup diet forums. This is a free service we provide to you. Everyone is invited to participate, and you don't need to log in or register. Simply show up and join in on the fun. Best of all, it's free!

There are many forum topics to choose from, and you can join in with questions or comments on just about anything related to losing weight on the cabbage soup diet. 

In addition, several of our topics are specially designed for dieters who have common disorders and conditions.

Let's solve our problems together

Take part in the forum so we can solve the weight problems together. Our idea is to both provide help and give help to others. Dieting is always easier with a buddy than it is alone, so come on! Let's do this together, learn from and help each other, and have a little fun at the same time.

Everybody is welcome!

To come and join us, click on the links below. These will take you to the forums and you can choose a topic that's of interest to you.

Everyone is welcome to join, and you can comment or question on just about anything related to the general discussions. 

Cabbage Soup Diet FAQ

This is the main cabbage soup diet forum area where you can peruse information on general questions and answers about the cabbage soup diet. This forum is right on our cabbage soup diet "frequently asked questions" page. 

Do you have a question of your own? Just scroll down to submit your question or comment in the area provided, or have a look at what others have said.

Cabbage Soup Diet Helpline

Did you know that there is a specific cabbage soup diet helpline ? There is. Here, you can get answers to your questions about the different cabbage soup diet plans, planning a special cabbage soup diet day, or specific food substitutions you might be able to make. 

This helpline is right on our seven day diet plan page. To ask a question or submit a comment, simply go down to the area provided, enter your question or comment, and hit "submit". You can also read what others have said here.

Cabbage Soup Recipe Forum

As the cabbage soup diet has become more popular, new cabbage soup recipes have sprung up. Therefore, we have provided a specific cabbage soup diet recipe so you can provide your own recipes, ask questions, or comments. 

There's also a lot of information about "allowed" dressing recipes here as well.

Diet Resource Center - Our featured products

Our Diet Resource Center lets you choose among our many products that can help you increase the effectiveness of the cabbage soup diet. 

You can also ask questions or make comments on anything related to products, or make your own product recommendations. It's quick and easy to do.

Longterm Weight Loss Forum

Our long-term weight-loss forum lets you discuss anything related to the time after you complete your cabbage soup diet. How do you choose your best "maintenance" weight-loss option? 

You can also comment, ask, or share personal experiences here. So pull up a chair and please join in.

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