Diet and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Before Gastric Bypass Diet

Following a specific Diet and Gastric Bypass Surgery is closely connected. To make sure that your surgery goes smoothly and safely, it is highly recommended that you make some important adjustments to your diet and weight before you undergo your Gastric Bypass.

Doctors usually recommend that patients lose about 10 percent of their overall weight before undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery. While the thought of it might seem impossible, it can be accomplished by sticking to an effective dieting regimen.

Losing up to 10-15 pounds before surgery is performed can significantly decrease the risk of suffering any complications.

change your dieting habits now before it's too late

Making these important adjustments to your diet is essential to living a healthier lifestyle. Continuing to eat poorly will only pack on the pounds, even after the surgery. It's important to change your dieting habits now before it's too late.

meeting with dietician or surgeon before your Diet and Gastric Bypass Surgery

You will be required to meet with your dietician or surgeon before your Gastric Bypass Surgery to talk about the changes that need to take place. The meeting will be necessary to help you understand that your changes will only be permanent if you change your overall diet and lifestyle.

The Pre-Bariatric Surgery Diet – Getting Started

Your surgeon will recommend that you begin this diet typically 2-3 months before your Gastric Bypass Surgery takes place.

Most patients are asked to consume no more than 800-1200 calories per day. The amount of calories consumed will be largely determined by your dietician and/or surgeon. You will also be required to consume approximately 70-120 grams of protein per day. All refined sugars, saturated fats, grease, and carbohydrates will need to be kept to a minimum.

People often choose to go on calorie-restricted diets that are high in protein for weeks at a time because it can shorten the length of time spent in bariatric surgery due to the fact that these diets shrink the liver.

Cabbage Soup Diet and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Another option is to begin the 7-day cabbage soup diet with added protein 2-3 months before your surgery and afterwards use the cabbage soup as a starter before your regular meals. This combination with added protein might result in an overall weight loss of up to 15 pounds within 2 month.

But please speak with your surgeon before starting any of these diets.

Liquid Diet and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Quite a few surgeons will require that their patients follow a liquid diet for two weeks before undergoing surgery to ensure that they lose the necessary pounds.

A lot of individuals have a difficult time sticking to liquid diets, but nevertheless, when they are followed, it's not hard to lose the weight.

pre-bariatric Diet and Gastric Bypass Surgery

With a pre-bariatric surgery diet, you can easily:
Preserve Lean Body Mass
Because of the amount of protein you consume while on the calorie-restricted diet mentioned above, you are able to hold onto your body's muscle mass. This means you burn even more calories.

Reduce Fat Around The Midsection
Obviously, too much weight in the area of the midsection is what motivates most people to have Gastric Bypass Surgery to begin with. Maintaining less weight in this area is necessary.

Get Your Body Ready For Required Recovery – After surgery, your body will undergo a rapid healing process that will require your health to be in good shape. By eating low-fat foods and losing a few pounds, you'll feel much better and your body will heal quicker because of the nutrients it has been provided.

Remember to stay away from refined sugars, grease, and otherwise "bad" carbohydrates such as sugary cereals, white bread, pasta, etc.

Prepare You For Eating After Your Surgery

This means an entire lifestyle change for some people. While it may seem hard in the beginning, it's literally the best thing you can do for your self-esteem and your health.

Plus, it will save you lots of money from having to go back and have the surgery done again in the future. Better to get used to eating healthy now so you can maintain your body's new and improved look.

specially-designed bariatric dieting products

There are also specially-designed bariatric dieting products, vitamins, and minerals that you can take to make your experience easier and more pleasant, particularly if you have a difficult time dieting.

You might also want to consider consuming bariatric protein products that come in portion-controlled sizes and also ensure that you are receiving just the right amount of protein to meet your pre-bariatric dieting nutritional requirements.


Before starting any diet, always make sure to consult with your dietician and/or surgeon.

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