Diet after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Diet after Surgery

Read here what Diet after Gastric Bypass Surgery you need. Gastric bypass is a weight-loss surgery that changes the anatomy of your digestive system to help reduce excess weight.

Many surgeons in the U.S. favor this particular bariatric surgery because it is safer and less complicated as compared to the other weight-loss surgeries.

If you are also considering going under the knife, remember, that for long term weight loss, the surgery needs to be accompanied with proper diet and behavioral changes (all your life!).

complications can be reduced by following
a proper diet routine

A gastric bypass surgery leads to alterations in the shape and size of your stomach. After undergoing such a surgery, you may suffer from certain complications and while some go away with time, others can be reduced by following a proper post gastric bypass diet plan.

Patients tend to suffer from nausea and vomiting in the first couple of month right after the surgery. Also, you might feel dehydrated which can occur due to vomiting or maybe diarrhea. Some patients even suffer from food intolerances especially to red meat, high-fiber food and dairy items. If you overeat after undergoing a gastric bypass surgery, it will lead to weight gain, vomiting or worse, rupturing of the stomach.

Reduce complications with proper diet
after gastric bypass surgery

The good news is that most of these complications can be reduced by following a proper diet after gastric bypass surgery; in this article we provide information about the various stages of a post gastric bypass diet and how to change your eating habits for the better.

Stages of Diet after Gastric Bypass Surgery:

The following stages are only an overview to give you an idea.
Please don’t follow them before consulting your doctor or surgeon.

1. Clear liquids-
a day or two after the operation, sip on water and gradually move on to sugar free juice, diet gelatin and flat diet soda. However, remember to consume them in small amounts, not more than 2-3 ounces at a time.

2. Low-fat full liquids-
if you experienced no problems with the clear liquid, the diet advances to high protein liquids. You can try certain brands like Carnation Instant Breakfast, Ensure or Sustacal. This diet starts before your discharge from the hospital and continues for another 1 to 2 weeks. You can also consume chewable mineral supplements.

3. Puree diet -
consult your physician before advancing to the soft/puree diet. In this stage you can start eating soft but high-protein food like cottage cheese, scrambled eggs or low-fat cheese. You can even consume lean meats but they need to be put in the blender to make sure they are pureed and smooth in texture.

4. Regular diet-
this diet will start 8 weeks after your surgery. This diet will include all food groups but make sure to start with high-protein food and lean meat at every meal. Remember to keep your meals small and consume water between meals.

cabbage soup - if your doctor allows it

You can also consider cabbage soup, from time to time. This magic soup can aid you well until the time you can get back to your regular diet. This soup has helped many people bring their weight issues under control. It burns fat and contains no extra calories. It has numerous benefits; it boosts your immunity, reduces your sugar cravings and provides relief from stress as well. But please ask your doctor for advice before trying it.

adopt whole new eating habits

Undergoing a gastric bypass surgery means switching to a healthier diet plan, you will need to adopt whole new eating habits. Take small meals and do not rush when eating or drinking. Remember to drink fluids only between meals and take all your necessary mineral and vitamin supplements.

If you stick to a proper healthy regime, you can successfully keep that extra weight off.

But keep in mind; that if you return to your old habits, you may gain back the weight that you lost. So, remember to stick to a proper diet for effective weight loss.

It is worth it!

The success of this weight-loss surgery depends entirely on you, although you may need to sacrifice a little, the numerous benefits of weight loss will be well worth every bit of the effort and sacrifice.

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