Daily Multivitamin on Diet

I take a multi vitamin as well as an Omega 3 and Acai supplement daily. Should I continue to use these during the detox or stop them for the week?


Hi Erin,
we even endorse to take a multivitamin to supplement the cabbage soup diet daily. The Omega 3+acai shouldn't be a Problem.
All the Best,

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Which mulitvitamins are allowed with the cabbage soup diet?

by Silvia

I am wondering if I am allowed to use multivitamins like "One a day" or "Trader Joe's"

Hi Silvia, we even endorse to take some multivitamins and minerals while on cabbage soup diet, especially if you use the "older" cabbage soup diet plan. We recommend the Nature's Way's Multivitamins but other good brands should be fine too.

We have already described on our site how the intake of multivitamins influences the diet week in a positive way.

You'll find it in our 10 Golden Rules to Cabbage Soup Weight Loss Success
All the best, Gabriela

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by cmbyrd50

I take Alacer vitamins like EmergenC, Multi Vit, etc.
all packets have sugar in them. I hate that fact but I love those
vitamins. They do make me feel good.
The sugar carbs are about 6grms per package. I end up taking about 24 a day.
My question is will taking these viatmins affect the cabbage soup diet and or can I substitute one packet for a fruit?

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