Christmas Diet Guidelines:
5 Best Holiday Survival Tips

Find here some Christmas Diet Tips when you think holidays wreak havoc on you who has struggled to lose weight all year.

The most of us already know it, the holiday season is the primary cause for all of the weight that is gained. With our christmas diet tips you won't gain back the pounds that you fought so hard to lose with our cabbage soup diet.

christmas survival tips

few low calorie christmas treats

Unfortunately, holiday food is designed to be rich and decadent, and very fattening. There are not very many low calorie treats around the holidays, so it is important that you chose wisely and develop a plan before you go visiting family and friends.

You do not want offend anybody

Remember that someone you care about created the luscious treats that will be presented, and you do not want offend anyone by not at least trying a bite or two. The holidays are supposed to be filled with good friends, delicious food and wonderful times.

Christmas Diet Tip 1:
Portions do matter (and that’s a good thing)

Around the holidays, it doesn’t matter what you eat as much as how much you eat, meaning that controlling the size portions that you consume will allow you to retain the weight loss that you have achieved with the cabbage soup.

It is also important that you stick with your weight loss routine to maintain the weight loss goals that you set for yourself. If you overdo it, exercise a little longer than usual to get back to where you want to be. The key to holiday eating is self-control and discipline.

One of the reasons that people over indulge during the holidays is that they do not want to offend their host. That is why portion control is so important.

Christmas Diet Tip 2:
Informing with grace.

When you are invited to dinner or brunch, it is important that you let your hosts know of any preferences that you may have. Especially if you have a medical condition as being diabetic or vegetarian that prohibits you from eating certain foods. Your hosts will not consider it being rude, they want to prepare foods that everyone can eat. It would be horrible if they created an incredible menu and someone from the party could not eat any of it.

People appreciate the advanced notice and will make necessary menu changes if it is needed. It is important that you give the hosts enough time to plan a great menu.

Christmas Diet Tip 3:
Offer to make it easier

The holidays are a time of giving and sharing. When you are invited to someone’s home, call and offer to bring a little something that will add to their holiday table.

Bringing a healthy salad or a low calorie cake will be welcome and your hosts will appreciate the thought.
Here is our recommendation:

If your hosts decline, do not be insulted, they probably have everything ready to go.

Christmas Diet Tip 4:
add an extra hour to your exercise routine

The holidays are very chaotic, and with all of the added activities, many people will skip the exercise routines that they have so diligently followed all year long. However, this is the time where an exercise routine is needed the most.

It not only combats all of the calories that are consumed, it also acts as a great stress reliever.

Many people will add an extra hour of to their exercise routine around the holidays to minimize the affects of the dessert tables. The exercise does not have to be anything strenuous, it can be as simple as adding a evening walk around your neighborhood. Find here more exercise ideas.

Christmas Diet Tip 5:
Put things in perspective

It is important that you realize that not every table will be filled with healthy foods. There will be a lot of decadent desserts and puffy pastries that could possible make your arteries scream.

However, you do not have to eat this food, you can choose to eat the healthier foods on the table or if you want to sample the cuisine, make your portions very small. This will insure that the feeling of your host will not be hurt.

Bottom Line:

With keeping our holidays survival guide in mind, we are sure that you will keep sane during the wonderful holidays!

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