Cabbage Soup for Weight Loss

Self-Made, in Cans or Frozen?

cabbage soup cooking in pot

What is your best cabbage soup recipe? The healthiest are the self-made soups. But there is not always time to prepare a healthy food "from scratch".

That's why we give you in the following also some informations about ready-made cabbagesoups in cans or frozen.But let's first start with the self made ones. I promise you, you will find on this website more than 30 different delicious soup variations. 

Just think of any vegetable that you like, I'm sure you will find here the appropriate recipe.
It depends on your taste and time. For the beginning I recommend a basic recipe.

The basic cabbagesoupdiet recipe collection you'll find here. I warmly recommend also my spicy cabbage soup. For variation check my cauliflower soup recipe ideas that are of course also suitable for the diet week.

Make Cabbage Soup

For slow cooker fans check here our crockpot soup recipes.
Our tips for Freezing Cabbage Soup will help you save some time and money...

More low fat recipes

For all weight watcher fans - did you know that there exists even a
weight watcher version?
And for Russian Food Lovers you'll find on this site also a delicious Russian version.

Do you love cold soup? Then you should try the cold soup fom Spain, also called Gazpacho.

Convenient Alternatives

- buy cabbagesoup
- Tabatchnick
- Wolfgang Puck Cans
- Packets

Best Way to start the diet week

What's the best way to start your diet week?

I've put up a page with 10 golden rules how to start with the successful diet concept. It's the "quick start" you're looking for before you embark on a longterm eating program.

I'll give you there many additional tips for a successful week program. Click to my cabbagesoup weight loss section for more informations.

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These were our best recipes and tips, now it's your turn!

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