cabbage soup with protein diet

I want to ask if I drink 4 glasses of cabbage soup and take 3 bone chicken or 3 fish slice or 3 meat or 4 boiled eggs. Meaning cabbage soup plus chicken and eggs in one day what will happen?

if the chicken or fish is low fat and you don't eat any additional food with a high fat content you should lose a pound or even two pounds on this special day. It is similar to day 5 or 6 of the cabbage soup diet week.

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Nov 10, 2011
Skipping Items
by: Larita

Can you skip the potato rice and banana and just have soup fruit and vegetables?

Hi Larita,
we don't recommend doing this as you will need the carbohydrates from potatoes, bananas and rice to balance out your insuline level. Otherwise you risk getting very hungry.

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May 21, 2009
question again
by: Anonymous

Sorry I missed few words.
I meant to say if i try it for whole one week what will happen.
Chicken will be boneless one side piece and grilled without oil or butter two time in a day and at breakfast two boiled eggs.
What will happen if i follow it for every day for whole one week. No intake of carbohydrates like sugar or biscutt or chocolate.
Will I be successfull in losing 5 kg or not in one week
and sorry for the oops
thanks again
last time I did two days high protein diet and i lost two kg. and before that i have been on and off on low calorie diet.

this type of protein diet is very strict and we don't recommend it. It is possible that you loose 5 kg but it might cause you very strong sugar cravings and afterwards you will regain these pounds very quickly.

The cabbage soup diet is the better option because the strategic intake of carbohydrates like potato on day 2 or bananas on day 4 makes it much more tolerable and reduces such cravings to a minimum.

All the best,

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