cabbage soup with chicken stock

Can i substitute vegetable stock with chicken stock?

Yes, you may substitute vegetable stock with chicken stock. But have a strong look at the sodium content in your soup. The higher the sodium amount you consume the more water is retained in your body - bad for weight loss. The same is true with Chicken Soup Mix or Lipton Onion Soup Mix.

That's why we recommend low sodium bouillons for the cabbage soup. Maybe you'll find also low sodium chicken stock...

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Swanson 100% chicken broth

by Nicole

I am on day four of the cabbage soup diet and have been meaning to ask a couple of questions.

Instead of using the Lipton soup mix, I used Swanson 100% chicken broth (low sodium/NO MSG/100% fat free) because I heard of reported headaches due to all the MSG and sodium from the bullion, V8, and Lipton soup mix. Is it okay that I substituted this? I still used low sodium V8 and the regular bullion.

Also, is there a certain number of times minimum that I should have the cabbage soup? I have made sure to eat it at least once and as many as three times a day but I just want to be sure that I am doing everything right since I am almost done with the diet.


Dear Nicole,
it is a good idea to choose low sodium fat free chicken soup instead of the Lipton mix.

Regarding soup - a rule of the thumb is to eat 1/2 pot of soup per day. That would make 3-4 portions of cabbage soup.

I wish you a successful remaining week.

All the best,

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