Cabbage soup weight loss

10 Golden Rules for Success!

On the following pages you will learn what makes the Cabbage Soup Diet the Cabbage soup weight loss phenomenon it is.

I will also explain which weight loss effect you may expect personally and factors influencing it.

cabbagesoup weightloss

The best advice I can give you, if you have any health problems, speak to your doctor before going on this diet and even if you feel healthy please let your doctor decide. Explain how you plan to use it: 7 days only or as a kick-off, followed by another weight loss concept.

Before you move your body into a cabbage soup weight loss mode and learn how to manage it, please read our 10 Golden Rules:

1. Cabbage à la carte

Cook yourself a big pot of cabbage soup - all two days. Vary the recipes for a simply weight loss program somewhat according to your taste.

2. Eat as much as you want!

You can eat cabbage soup as much you want and whenever you want! In the afternoon, in the evening, as snack, whenever you like it. The more cabbage soup you eat - the better the fat burner effect and the cabbage soup weight loss. A good thumb of the rule is to eat 4-5 portions per day. Store the soup in your fridge.

3. Stick to the program

Please do not change the order of the program and food. Stick to it - otherwise the motivating cabbage soup weight loss is in danger! (It's only one week! You will find on this site also some good informations on diet motivation and persistance to train your willpower.)

4. Drinking!

You believe you need eight glasses (8-ounce/250ml) to about 2 quarts of water? For the "slim body" this is perfect, but if you have too much weight, you should drink another eight glasses for every 20 pounds of additional weight you have. You should also increase your intake if you exercise very often or live in a hot climate. We recommend to spread out this water consumption throughout your day. Try to manifest four or five times per day when you can drink a large glass of water, and then sip in between. Never let yourself become thirsty.

Do you hate water or think it is yucky? Drinking other fluids will for sure help hydrate your body, but the additional calories, additives, sugar and whatever more aren't what you need. Try a slice of lemon in the glass, or if you don't like water, try fruit or herbal teas.

Find here even more important insights regarding a proper hydration, and especially how to make this water drinking habit stick even after the cabbage soup diet.

10 Golden Rules Video on Youtube

I've packed those 10 Golden Rules also in a video for you. Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channels for more tips to come:

5. Use a thermos bottle on the road

Always on the road or very busy? No problem, fill the cabbage soup in a thermos bottle and take it with you in your office or on your tour.

6. Drink Protein Shakes

You can drink protein shakes in the morning and in the afternoon (or evening). You need protein to burn fat otherwise your body melts its own reserves, your muscle mass. Organize yourself a good protein powder in a drugstore or online.

7. Vitamines and Minerals

Vitamines and Minerals help the body losing fat. Are these nutrients missing - fat stays on you hips. Dont' worry, the Cabbage Soup Diet is packed with nutritious vegetables and fruits. I recommend however to buy a good multivitamin in your drugstore.

Reasearchers at Connecticut's Manchester Memorial Hospital and elsewhere have proven that the mineral magnesium penetrates brain and body cells, improving their ability to absorb and use leptin (as well as insulin and mood-boosting serotonin). Leptin is known as an appetite-suppressing hormone .
The problem: Surveys show that up to 60% of American women are currently magnesium-deficient. It was found out that magnesium deficiencies are closely linked with leptin resistance. They recommend any women who suspects she may be leptin-resistant to treat this mineral shortfall. To overcome leptin resistance comsuming 400 mg of magnesium daily is recommended.

8. Good Breath Work and Exercises

Invest in Breath Work for three times a day. I wrote a whole page on this important theme.

Regular exercising too, supports the cabbage soup weight loss effect. Incorporate sports into your daily life - for at least 30 minutes. Remember, regular physical exercise is as important for overall health and disease resistance as a healthy, nutritious diet.

9. 7 days and END!

You should only go on this diet for one week at a time. The cabbage soup diet is too low in complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals to continue for longer than this! If you wish to loose only little weight also three days are ok.

10. Exception: Longterm Diet

The impressive weight loss while on the 7 day diet might be a temptation for you to repeat this success the next week again. DON'T DO THIS!
Use the week's fantastic mind power to think about your future longterm eating program.

After 7 days you have melt many pounds off. Your body and mind will be more prepared than they've ever been to help you keep on losing weight or to maintain your cabbage soup weight loss by making sensible food choices.

Don't know how to maintain your weight loss or do you want to loose even more pounds after the cabbage soup diet? Then I warmly recommend my Ultimate Guide to the Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 - with several effective chapters for the time after the cabbage soup diet!

cabbage soup diet 2.0

Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 Guide

Can I really lose 10 pounds in a week?

That depends on how much weight you have to lose. If you are severely over weight, or have gained weight on quickly, then yes you will. If you have a few pounds to lose, then the loss will be less but you should see an average of 3-4 pounds at least; probably more...
Another important factor is also how many diets you have already done before. If you have tested almost every diet then the weight loss might be not that impressive than being a diet "virgin".

My promise to you: If you stick to the 10 Golden Rules you may expect in every case an impressive cabbage soup weight loss even if you are already very diet experienced. Good Luck! ...And don't forget to subscribe to our 52 week challenge afterwards!

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