Cabbage Soup Recipe Tips

You need a cabbage soup recipe! For a successful and motivating weight loss eating and drinking sufficient liquid is crucial. A rule of the thumb is to eat one pot cabbage soup (3-4 liters) all two days. Altogether you will need three pots of soup at least.

cabbage soup plate

You can’t imagine eating that much soup? But you should! Eating too little soup is one of the most common factors for disappointing weight loss results. 

Please make sure that the recipe you chose for your first pot is as tasty as possible while matching your individual taste.

Variation Options

What most cabbage soup recipes on this website have in common are some basic ingredients like:

  • cabbage
  • peppers
  • tomatoes
  • celery
  • (spring) onions

Variation through quantity

You don’t need to be a math professor to know that depending on the quantity of each ingredient you chose, many possible recipe variations can be created. We have tested lots of combinations and will present to you the best ones.

Variation through seasonings

Special seasonings and herbs like cumin, garlic or parsley can give the soup again another twist. For broth we recommend low sodium cubes. The classic old recipe recommends an onion soup mix. While the onion soup mix gives the soup a flavorsome taste (it contains monosodium glutamate (MNG)) – using low sodium cubes without MNG is not only healthier but on top you don’t risk retaining water in your body. This is not only a question of taste but also a question of competitive advantage. 

Eating too much of the artificial, salt-retaining onion soup mix is another strong factor for a less impressive weight loss. If you think your recipe with low sodium cubes has a bland taste then you should play around with seasonings and herbs.

Variation through other vegetables

And it doesn’t end here. Did you know that you can put other veggies like cauliflowers, cucumbers or mushrooms in your pot? Think of any other vegetable (except for avocados or potatoes) - most of them you can put in your cabbage soup for variation.

The Original Cabbage Soup Recipe

One of the simplest, basic recipes is the following original cabbage soup recipe. It used to include the famous onion soup mix, but we leave it out and add instead low sodium seasonings and many herbs according to our taste...

original cabbage soup recipe

Directions to make cabbage soup:
Cut vegetables into small pieces, put them in a large pot and cover them with water (1-2 liters). 
Heat it up and let it come to a boil. Add cubes. Reduce to simmer for 10 minutes. Season to taste with some salt, pepper, parsley, etc.

Variation through texture

Don’t like the chunky parts of the soup? No problem, just mix it with a blender and you can even drink it if you prefer. 

Another twist is to steam your onions and peppers three minutes with some (1 tablespoon) olive oil. Only then add all other ingredients and heat it up. This step is highly recommended and you will find it included in many recipes here presented.

Another variation in texture is the cooking process itself. After heating up the soup we recommend simmering it for only ten minutes. This helps keeping the vitamins in the pot. The longer you cook or simmer your soup the more vitamins will vanish. 

Most of my readers are surprised when they realize how quickly the soup can be cooked. Quick and easy doesn’t always mean unhealthy "fast food" but results sometimes in just the opposite… 

golden cabbage soup diet rule 2

Important: Vary it and add your own seasonings

Check out these inspirations:
- yummy cabbage soup variations
with broccoli/zucchini or spinach
 spicy cabbage soup
- with cod and shrimp + military soup
- weight watcher version
- cauliflower soup
- Russian version
- Gazpacho

Sorry if I repeat myself too often - but this is so important! Add your own seasonings and herbs to your cabbage soup recipe whenever you can. That way you can adjust the salt input exactly to your taste.

Again, the best you can do is omitting high-sodium flavoring ingredients. Choose bouillon cubes, soup mixes or seasonings as low-sodium or salt-free versions. 

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