The Ultimate Fast Track Guide:
Cabbage Soup Diet

Important Basics

10 Golden Rules before starting the 7 day diet week
How to start the cabbage soup diet and achieve a phenomenal cabbage soup weight loss. Find here 10 Golden - most effective rules for a wonderful jumpstart.

Slim magic cabbage: Best Fat Burners
What is the secret of the fat burner image of cabbage. Valuable information on fat burner effect and glycemic index

Cabbage Nutrition is wonderful - it's magic!
cabbage nutrition is not only valuable but includes also a high nutritional and vitamine power - learn here why!

Choose the right Cabbage Type!
Learn here which different cabbage types exist - and there are many...and find your best choice!

And if you love gardening, plant your own cabbage! Calculating body fat percentage and BMI Checking
only with calculating body fat percentage you know if you are really overweight, check also your BMI before starting the cabbage soup diet!

Do you know that your BMI is higher than 35 and you are not an athletic person? Then maybe this concept could be for you.

Do you already know your ideal body weight? Check it here!

Pick the best - Cabbage Cooking

Valuable tips on cabbage cooking but also how to pick the best, prepare and store it

A Diet Journal is highly recommended
Read here how a diet journal might be your motivation key for the cabbage soup diet week.

Weight Loss Programs and Jojo-Effect
Read here how you avoid the jojo-effect and which weight loss programs work optimally.

How to make the soup:
Delicious Cabbage Soup Recipes

Classical FAT BURNING cabbage soup recipes for weight loss
Find here cabbage soup recipe classics from all over the world

Enjoy these Cabbage Soup recipe variations
This collection of wonderful cabbage soup variations is a great tool to stick to the soup as you get many quick and easy tips for variation.

Try the weight watcher cabbage soup - quick and easy
We found on the net also quick and easy weight watcher cabbage soups. Learn here also more about the weight watchers program.

Jumpstart your weight loss :
Cabbage Soup Diet Plans and Programs

The convenient 7 day soup diet program
The 7 day soup diet program of the diet cabbage soup is very convenient including relaxing and exercising tips

Fatburning with Proteinshakes
Maximize your diet success with drinking 2-3 proteinshakes a day. Learn about its fatburning effect.

Healthy Breathing Lesson
Read here why healthy breathing lesson might help you solve different health problems weigth loss included.

Drinking Tips for the 7 day diet and after
The secrets of drinking water and weight loss. Did you know that the amount of water you drink, affects your weight loss success? We explain here why.

Magic Formula: Fat Burning Workouts
The best fat burning workouts and training tips to maintain your weight or even lose more weight...

Low Carb Tips for Slim Bodies
Want to know how low carb diets may help your body lose weight? The ideal formula after the 7 day diet cabbage soup

The Day After: Healthy Nutrition Advice

Learn to create healthy habitsSubscribe to my newsletter and learn how to make your healthy eating habits stick

Ediets for a longterm weight loss success
Learn here why ediets may be your most important decision after the successful cabbage soup diet week.

Body Wraps
Learn here why body wraps are perfect for your body after your cabbage soup diet week.

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