cabbage soup diet weight loss

by Jennifer Carmona



On average how long does it take to notice a difference?

Hi Jennifer,

thank you for your wonderful picture showing a very relaxed, beautiful, young girl.

How long it takes to notice a difference in weight loss depends on many factors. Some experience a difference right from the start and lose some pounds already the first days - others experience the weight loss effect only in the last days.

Read our following article cabbage soup weight loss to maximise your weight loss success. In the end of the article we explain also on which factors the individual weight loss success depends.

Far more important than a huge weight loss effect in this week however is the fact that the cleansing cabbage soup diet week could lead to a whole life style change. It forces you rethink your eating habits and introduces you to a healthy nutrition.

And Jennifer, I am sure, that if you take the chance after the diet and switch to a healthy life style you will reach your goal very soon.

Don't forget to eat cabbage soup as a filler before your meals also after the diet week!

All the best,


PS: Please post us also an "after" photo!

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