Cabbage Soup Diet Testimonials

Check out these videos and stories from cabbage soup dieters around the globe!

The cabbage soup diet testimonials here are stories of individual cabbage soup diet experiences, each in their own words, in their own styles. Still, nothing gets a point across better than real-world experience of people just like you.

As you review their stories, pictures or videos feel the emotion they have for the jump start cabbage soup diet. It is very seldom that a diet creates this type of intensity you are about to experience.

Better than watching reality TV

With that in mind, let's start with the cabbage soup diet testimonials, directly by people from around the globe - people who "took a quick start chance" and then realized...

Within only a week - their attitude to nutrition and lifestyle had changed.

The cabbage soup diet testimonials are full of passion, hard work, new successes and changed lives...
Way better than watching reality TV!!
Because these stories are REALLY REAL.
People love stories. They see themselves and begin to imagine that they can do it too. And with the successful cabbage soup diet

You CAN!

That's why these cabbage soup diet testimonials are so powerful. Each story is like a "dream come true" for someone.

Mark: Testing the cabbage soup diet

testing the cabbage soup diet

Mark Hewitt is an English geek, philosopher, foodie, shaman and writer. He tested the cabbage soup diet and gives it two thumbs up although he lost "only" 4.4 pounds in a week.

He describes the diet in 7 articles - one article per diet day and experiencs it as easy, effective and cheap.

Read here his full and detailed cabbage soup diet review.

Young girl that doesn't like vegetables


This is a Cabbage Soup Diet Video published on Youtube: A young girl that shares with us her cabbage soup diet experience in a video diary.

Although she is only slightly overweight she faces a difficult challenge: She doesn't like and eat vegetables at all...

Watch her inspiring video diary.

Robyn: lost altogether 20 pounds

cabbage soup testimonial

Robyn from Wintervill NC lost altogether 20 pounds. He posted a photo in our forum documenting his phenomenal weight loss success.

Watch his photo proof and don't miss the valuable recipe tip from Robyn:

fast and easy cabbage soup

Find here even more cabbage soup diet reviews.

Our cabbage soup diet video

As a special tribute we created the following cabbage soup diet video - a kind of tribute to the cabbage soup diet. Enjoy it!

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