Cabbage Soup Diet Reviews:

by Mark Hewitt

Find here several cabbage soup diet reviews by Mark, former IT technician, cleaner and security guard, Art Historian, qualified Psychologist and many more….

Cabbage Soup Diet Review

He wrote an article for each diet day, where he describes his personal feelings and observations. This is a great lesson to learn for all planning to do this diet. In the following a summary of his experiences.

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 1 + 2

Follow Mark on his first and second day on the legendary cabbage soup diet and read his inspiring cabbage soup diet reviews.

He describes it as a short-term crash diet, based on eating unlimited quantities of a cabbage-based soup which costs more calories to digest than it provides, so you can eat enough to feel full but keep losing weight rapidly.

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 3

Day 3 of the diet and Mark feels better than ever. He has been particularly energised today, despite not getting as much sleep as he might have liked He feels no signs of sleepiness or bodily tiredness at all, and barely any lightheadedness.

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 4

With Day 4 on the cabbage soup diet he has found a bit of a dip in energy again. One explanation of the cabbage soup diet says that at this point the body needs a burst of carbohydrates and other things to lessen the craving for sweets, which seems about right for how he felt. Fortunately as a consequence today's additional food is bananas and milk!

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 5

It's day 5 on the Cabbage Soup Diet, and he is feeling pretty good all over. All in all he summarizes it as the easiest diet EVER. He lost another half a kilo, and with no significant discomfort.

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 6 + 7

It's the 6 + 7th and last day of the Cabbage Soup Diet, and he pronounces it a complete success. The last day has been a bit of a down day. He felt quite tired and headachey despite a good night's sleep, and today's additional food (brown rice and vegetables) is hard to enjoy at the best of times.

But he hasn't felt hungry or ill, no dizziness, and his spirits are buoyed by the observation that he has lost a full 2Kg this week!

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