Cabbage Soup Diet Review

Popular Cabbage Soup Diet Cons

Read in our cabbage soup diet review the most common arguments against the Cabbage Soup Diet and our personal advice. As we are very convinced of the cabbbage soup diet the Pros are obvious everywhere on our site and won’t be expressed here seperately in the cabbage soup diet review.

"As cabbage soup diets are low in protein, carbs, and essential fats, many dieter have reported feeling weak when on the diet."

This may be true for the older diet version. Therefore the newer "cabbage soup diet generation" recommends to combine the 7 day diet with protein shakes and other supplements. (Check here our convenient 7 day cabbage soup diet program)

"Small range of foods allowed. Those on the diet may feel cravings for others type of foods."

This happens only, if you don’t eat enough soup or don’t like it. We show you recipe variations which makes eating the soup a culinaric highlight. If you however don’t like vegetable soups at all then you should look for another weight loss concept.

"Takes willpower and determination."

Every diet will need willpower and determination. Read here our diet motivation section.

"Is it true that you can get a headache with that diet?"

This might happen in the first three days. It's part of the detox and influenced by your water intake. If you drink sufficient there should be no problem.

"I hate the taste of the soup".

You will get here many alternative cabbage soup recipes which are excellent in taste. Click here for more information!

"I find the soup too lumpy!"

A good idea might be to smooth the soup in the food processor.

"Be prepared to spend more time in the bathroom."

Cabbage soup can cause flatulence. Read here our best flatulence treatment tips

Wonderful Weight Loss Effects

After all the cons in our cabbage soup diet review you still want to start our jumpstart diet? Congratulation!

Try the Successful Diet Cabbage Soup for a maximum of seven days. You will lose anything up to ten pounds in weight, without feeling hungry. It’s quick as pounds start to vanish from day one.

It doesn’t involve starving - you’re never hungry as you can have all you want of filling and delicious food. It’s an inexpensive way to lose weight: Easy to follow with not so much to remember and little cooking involved.

Contains absolutely everything

The "Successful Diet Cabbage Soup" is the Site that contains absolutely everything you need to know to put you on the path to get the figure you really want. It explains the secret to this phenomenal weight loss programme.

It provides you with a list of delicious cabbage soup recipes and meals plans. That ensures that following the diet is always a pleasure and never a chore.

Armed with the information on this site, you are on the way to an amazing slim new you. Dieting has never been this delicious and easy.

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