Cabbage Soup Diet Pills

Why we don't recommend them

Are Cabbage Soup Diet Pills the magic solution? If you stick to the cabbage soup diet, you will see results. But wouldn’t it be easier to take a pill that has the same effect as the cabbage soup diet? Before you think about testing them there are a few things you must know!

Are these Pills For Real?

Who is behind these cabbage soup diet pills? Plain and simple, Selmedica Healthcare. Self-proclaimed industry leader they established the 2006 website,

They also claim to have 50 years of professional experience. That is all fine and dandy, but, and it’s a BIG but! There is no known supporting documentation to substantiate their claims.

They have quite a bit of self-generated advertisement, but very little when it comes to substance. Here are a few of results that were discovered about the Selmedica Healthcare group.

Quality of this company is extremely derogatory

They are non-existent according to the Chamber of Commerce and even though the BBB does know of them, their findings are "unsatisfactory." At the time of this writing over 40 complaints were filed against Selmedica Healthcare. Worse than that is the amount of websites they own and operate. They past the "over 50" mark quite some time ago and are also operating under many business names.

Many websites under many different company names

Why do they have so many websites operating under so many different business names?

The following are just a few that we found:

There are just too many to list them all!

Not listed in State, County or City governments or Yellow pages

The whole ripoff report you can read at

How do we know that the pill is not harming?

Fact: They are not listed in ANY County, City, State or Government yellow pages.

If they operate their business under less than straight-forward terms, who is to say they don’t do the same with the cabbage soup diet pill? Not only that, but they also promote many other products, not just the cabbage soup diet pill. Their poor track record is not encouraging!

German cabbage soup capsules

And what about the German cabbage soup capsules? Not too much better I’m afraid. The "Kohlsuppen-Kapsel," or cabbage soup capsule, is available online and has been for many years. Basically, there is a British company that promotes these capsules and many other products in an attempt to get rich.

The ingredients include cabbage powder, onion powder, parsley powder, tomato, celery and pepper powder. There are also a few B vitamins thrown in. On the surface, they seem safe, but why trust an unknown company with your health? A physician’s recommendation is always encouraged before starting any diet.

No doctor endorses those cabbage soup capsules

There is no doctor or nutritionist who will approve the cabbage soup diet pill or capsule in Germany or anywhere for that matter! They just are not proven helpful for weight loss.


If you are desperate to lose weight the mentioned pill may be attractive. But if it doesn’t work, what was the point? Stick with what you know a sensible diet and consistent exercise.

For a great quick start choose one of our cabbage soup diet plans. If you feel the need for greater support, visit your physician and decide on a nutrition and exercise program that is proven to word.

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