Cabbage Soup Diet Packets Review

Did you ever try prepackaged cabbage soup diet packets? I guess, no! Some of our readers did and were generous enough to send us their opinion. These soup packets are produced by E.D. Foods - a Canadian instant food company. Read here our review.

This is what E.D. Foods promises

They claim to offer the cabbage soup diet with exactly the same nutrient specs - only easier to make. They promise that you can get all the advantages - and save time too.

The packet version is ready in under 20 minutes and you don’t need to buy, prepare, slice and dice the vegetables. The only ingredient you need is water. You add the packet ingredient to boiling water and simmer until the veggies are done.


• you get 10 pouches for the 7 day cabbage soup diet
• each packet makes 32 fl oz (approx. 1 litre) - more than 1 liter soup per diet day
• handy Cabbage Soup Diet quick guide included

Cabbage Soup Diet Packets Pro

• soup is Low-Fat, Low-Sodium, Low Carb
• 0 trans fats
• easy to prepare, requires only water

Cabbage Soup Diet Packets Cons

• expensive
• dehydrated vegetables lack in nutrient content
• bland taste
• unappetizing colour

Additional Considerations

On Amazon this product was offered since April, 2004. More than 4 years ago, this product did not have any customer reviews yet, and of course no rating.And what about today, in year 2016? These packets are not available any more!

Bottom Line:

Although I’ve promised you a review, I can only give you a recommendation based on other persons opinions. I never tried this product, because I think it’s waste of money. I prefer preparing the cabbage soup by myself.

But I received already several comments on Cabbage Soup packets you can buy on Amazon by readers of our website. Those who tried it, mostly dislike the packet version because of the lack in taste, color and nutrient content.

I think that it is just another rip off and a way for someone to get rich off people that need to lose weight. Vegetables are the cheapest ingrediants around and for 45 USD you will get vegetables enough for several cabbage soup diet weeks…

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