Cabbage Soup Diet Ingredients

Find here the main cabbage soup diet ingredients. I'll give you an overview what costs for the diet week you might expect and how to save some money.

How expensive is the diet?

I think a 7 day amount of soup comes to around $12.00. In addition you need the daily diet food according to your program and preferably the supplements like e.g. vitamines, minerals and proteinshakes. So if you don't plan and pay attention you might spend on this program quite a bit.

cabbage soup diet ingredient

On the other hand, what I used to eat was just as expensive and not as healthy. I used to eat out 3-4 times a week. In addition I had many hunger cravings and consumed amounts of chocolate and icecream. Now that was expensive! Improving my health is worth the cost, whatever it is.

On the fruit market or grocery:

Ingredients for the cabbage soup diet: Mainly fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. As fruits lose their vitamines quickly I replenish my storage after each two days.

In addition: fresh herbs, chili, fruit and herbal teas, vegetable juice. I shop around and compare prices. If I decide some fruit or veggies is out of my price range, I do without or buy it in a discounter like Aldi (see below!).

In the supermarket or discounter (e.g. Aldi):

In the supermarket I buy frozen foods like vegetables and fruits, also fresh food from time to time. But only if it's organic. In the meantime even Aldi at least in Germany offers organic food.

Additional cabbage soup diet ingredient I buy in the supermarktet are: seasonings, high quality vergine olive oil, low fat diary.

As Fish is very expensive in my area I use cod as it is less expensive. Chicken breast I buy when on sale and keep it in the freezer. Not to forget: 2 boxes still mineral water.

In the pharmacy or online:

Organize yourself a good protein drink online or in a drugstore. For me a good alternative and therefore highly recommended are soy protein shakes. 

I recommend also to buy a good multivitamin in your pharmacy, drugstore or online. In addition take also a mineral supplement like magnesium and calcium tabs.

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