Cabbage Soup Diet Guidelines

I want to share with you some additional cabbage soup diet guidelines for a successful weight loss. Most of these tips actually speed up your metabolism! Simply implement as many of these tips and tricks as you can when you are on the cabbage soup diet but also after the diet week to keep your body burning fat.

cabbage soup diet guidelines

Fitness Exercises

Perhaps you guessed it. A substantial weight loss without exercises is not realistic. Sorry - but I can't tell you anything different. To get and to stay slim forget about hanging around...

  • I recommend three to four half hour sessions of fitness exercises (cardio-vascular workouts) per week to speed up your metabolism.
  • Maybe this is the most important cabbage soup diet guideline. Get yourself a good pulse watch for your fitness exercises to ensure a fat burning pulse of approximately "120 - 130 beats" when walking, running, biking or hiking.
  • When running or walking make sure to invest in good running shoes. My special secret: with MBT Shoes you can even multiple your fat burning process. Don't miss my story about these magic shoes.
  • Once you have started exercising, set yourself some goals. Keep a weekly planner for exercise and try your best to stick to it especially after your diet. As you become fitter, your goals can change.
  • Burn calories by moving around. Do little things all day and maximize your moving potential.
  • Use your legs or bike instead of your car when ever you can. Take stairs instead of an elevator.
  • Don’t eat 2 hours before your fitness program. After a 40 minutes training your hunger disappears for almost 2 hours and comes then up with full power. With a banana soon after your exercises you avoid a hunger attack (This is meant after the diet week!!!).
  • Do AB-Exercises 2 to 3 sessions per week. Good muscels help burning fat.
  • Meet your friends not only for lunch or dinner – invite them for a hiking or biking tour.

Body & Mind

The following weight loss tips are related to body and mind:

- Mental Diet Gudelines
- Healthy Breathing
- Motivational music!

Our recommendation AFTER the
cabbage soup diet 2.0:

Get here some additional guidelines especially for low fat diets including
including some additional weight losing tips.

Are you really overweight?

I'm not kidding but mean it seriously. There are people asking me for weight loss advice in my forum that are in fact "underweight" but have a false opinion about themselves. Here are two options to find it out if you are really overweight?!

- Calculating Body Fat Percentage
- Body Weight Chart

Do NOT the cabbage soup diet during pregnancy!

The cabbage soup diet or any other weight loss diet is NOT healthy for you and your baby when your body is dealing with the hormonal, caloric and metabolic requirements of pregnancy. It is important to realize that you could be depriving your baby if you start a stringent diet like the cabbage soup diet while pregnancy or breastfeeding.

10 Golden Rules

Don't forget to read also our 10 golden rules - like the one on the picture above - before you jump start with the cabbage soup diet for an optimal cabbage soup weight loss.

Additional Tips:

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