Cabbage Recipes: Healthy & Delicious

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I've put together for you a collection of cabbage recipes from all over the world. Try these delicious compositions and integrate them in your daily meals AFTER your diet week. Profit of the healthy, purifying effect of cabbage recipes. But pay attention ;-) not all suggestions here are low-fat!!!

The international reputation

Today's Hungarians, Irish, and Russians proudly consider "the green head" as part of their national culinary heritage. Certainly the English have served boiled cabbage for centuries. And it's no surprise that the French have taken the love for this special veggie a bit further. They not only love to eat it, but consider "my little cabbage" (mon petit chou) a term of endearment.

Seems these people have long known something many of us are just learning. Cabbage, one of the world's earliest cultivated vegetables, is a find! No wonder... it is so easy to use in so many ways.

cabbage cut in stripes

You can:

  • quarter
  • roll
  • slice
  • stuff
  • shred
  • bake
  • boil
  • fry
  • saute
  • simmer
  • pressure
  • cook
  • microwave it - or...
  •  eat it raw like my daughter.

Read on and find below your favorite recipe.

... with Corned Beef

Corned Beef and Cabbage is very popular in the States on St. Patrick's Day. It's often associated as an Irish dish, but that's not necessarily the case. In this section you find some popular suggestions on corned beef based meals.


It was one of those inexpensive vegetables always available also for poor people. With few cents you were able to buy enough seeds to plant hundreds of plants. Maybe that's why this vegetable had for a long time such a bad reputation in modern America?

A very traditional side dish or meal therefore was and is also nowadays the fried cabbage version.


Stuffed - better known as cabbage rolls they are spread all over the world. Find here some ideas. You'll find here delicious heavy variations (sorry) but of course I've added also a low fat and vegetarian version: Click here!

Noodle Combinations

Cabbage and Noodles is for sure one of the most traditional recipes here. Perhaps you know it from your grandmother. They are simple made as a side dish. Sometimes make it and serve it just for lunch for the kids. They'll love it!

Casserole Creations

Cooking or baking a casserole recipe is a simple preparation method which garanties excellent main dishes.

Salad Variations

Have you ever tried cabbage salad? It's tasty, fresh and delicious when you know how to prepare it. Find here some excellent salad recipes.

Did you know that tomatoes go very well with it too - not only as salad but in great other dishes. Find here some cabbage and tomato creations.

Recipes with Red Cabbage

The red version is different from our green cabbage. It's used mainly in Central Europe as side dish. Find here some recipe tips for red cabbage.


Fresh vegetable juices - especially cabbage juices - are restorers and builders. They boost the immune system, remove acid wastes, and balance the metabolism. Read here more about healthy cabbage juices.

Sauerkraut Recipes

Did you know that sauerkraut is nothing else than fermented cabbage? Yes? But, did you also know that sauerkraut is even more healthy than our beloved cabbage? Read here why and get some wonderful sauerkraut recipe ideas!

It is worthy the most refined preparations

The great Californian restaurateur Alice Waters underlines, that cabbage is worthy of the most refined preparations. At the restaurant "Chez Panisse" they serve it with caviar and foie gras. The sweetness of cabbage and the richness of pork and duck is a perfect combination. It is overwhelming with fish, wrapped around salmon and steamed, for example, trapping flavour and juices. Steamed, braised or stir-fried, it is a delicacy by itself.

Did you know that our spotlight vegetable is a perfect topping on a pizza too? The mastermind of Sligo4s Truffles Restaurant, Bernadette O'Shea, offers it as part of pizza topping which includes mozzarella, Parma ham, cream cheese, parmesan, nutmeg, pine nuts, and a bit truffle oil. It is superb, a pizza to die for..

Growing Cabbage

- how to grow cabbage
- growing kale
- cabbage seeds

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