Cabbage Nutrition: 9 crucial nutrients
in cabbage for good health

For me it was hard to believe that cabbage nutrition is of high nutritional value - knowing that cabbage consists almost only of water. But in fact the plain cabbage -gets great reviews from many nutrition experts.

As inexpensive as cabbage is, it is one of the richest when it comes to protective vitamins. It is a good supplier of vitamin C and contains many more vitamins described below.

That cabbage is of course a "slim" vegetable is evident with one cup amounting to only 15 calories. But did you know that cabbage supplies a lot of fiber, some protein, little carbohydrates and therefore doesn't entice the fat hormone Insuline?

Impressing nutritional value of cabbage

I'll show you the impressing nutritional value of cabbage in the following:

1. Vitamine A

The Vitamine A in cabbage protects your skin and eyes

2. Vitamine B
The Vitamine B in cabbage boosts your energy metabolism and helps your concentration. Another B vitamine is Folic Acid. It gives cabbage the image of a stresskiller and makes it ideal if you need brainfood.

3. Vitamine C
one cup raw coarsely sliced or shredded cabbage implies around 34 milligrams. Raw white cabbage suppplies as much vitamin C as lemon juice. Its vitamine C helps the mitochondriae (small power stations in your cells) to burn fat.

4. Vitamine E
The outer leaves are a great source of vitamin E, making it good for the complexion.

5. Potassium
Its high portion of potassium purifies your body and skin

6. Selen
Cabbage keeps you in good mood. The trace element Selen helps your body setting free second messengers for a good feeling and more happyness.

7. Vital Substances
Cabbage contains important Vital Substances for slimming like Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine, Cink and Iron.

8. Valuable Fiber
Vegetables have a lot of dietary fiber, also known as roughage. Cabbage contains a great deal of insoluble fiber too as cellulose. Humans can't digest it and it also doesn't dissolve in water. According researches this insoluble fiber raises bulk and eases the movement of body wastes through the colon and the intestines.

9. Iron and Sulphur
With cabbage nutrition you also get a very high iron and sulphur input. These minerals help as cleansing agents in your stomach region and gastro intestinal tract. They also clean the mucous membranes and wash out fatty deposits (fat burner effect).

Therapeutical Value of cabbage nutrition
proved by medical researches

cabbage nutrition and health benefits

Actually, cabbage was used by our ancestors for almost everything! Modern science confirms cabbage's therapeutic values in helping the body resist, infections, ulcers and even cancer.

Cabbage has been found to lower the risk of cancer of the colon in special. It has high cancer preventing effects. Independent medical researches have proved that!

Cabbage also kills bacteria and viruses in the lab and boosts the immune system to produce more antibodies. It speeds up metabolism of some drugs like acetaminophen and makes them work faster.

Bottom Line:

The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytocemicals presented in the cabbage soup are musts for your good health. Eat cabbage preferably raw or - when used for our cabbage soup - cook it only short to conserve its best nutrients. Cook covered for some minutes - if shredded, or if it is cut in wedges 10 to 15 minutes.

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