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Did you know that Cabbage juices are excellent for curing various stomach ailments, including ulcers? Read here what they can do for you.

Healthy Intestinal Gas

When you drink a cabbage cocktail your body produces intestinal gas. This gas is built when the juice combines with purefied layers in the colon and intestines.

There are many forms of cabbage you can use for your "shakes" – green, savoy, red, bok choy...

Help against ulcers

Raw cabbage juice is known as a naturopathic remedy which can help against ulcers. Dr. Garnett Cheney, a School of Medicine professor at Stanford University, gave 13 ulcer patients one-fifth of a quart of freshly squeezed cabbage at intervals five times daily. All patients were healed within seven to ten days. This was proved by X-ray evidence. The key is the vitamin U contained in the cabbage juice.

Cabbage is famous for its ulcer-healing power! This is why it should only be used with a doctor's prescribed therapy for ulcer treatment


Additional effect: These Juices are an anti-aging weapon. They slow down the ageing process and give you a young and beautiful skin. I'll give you in a minute the recipe for it.

Important Tip:

Cabbage should be drunk immediately upon preparation, as it starts losing its amino acids soon after - which are very beneficial. If can't drink it immediately, it's still a benefit since there are still many other nutrients left in your glass. It keeps in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Additional Tip:

Use little or no salt on any preparation of cabbage. Salt destroys the nutritional value of cabbage.

Cabbage Juice Cocktail

cabbage juice

1. Wash the vegetables thoroughly, peel the carrots if not organically grown. To fit into the juicer cut them into small pieces .

2. Mix the vegetables in the juicer. Add the water. Drink immediately and don't allow to stand.

Vegetable Juices in General

Fresh vegetable cocktails are builders and restorers. They give your immune system a boost, balance the metabolism and remove acid wastes. They also help losing weight by "melting" body fat similar to the successful diet cabbage soup.

Among the most delicious and healthful of the vegetable juices are CABBAGE!, beet, carrot, cucumber, celery, kale, parsley, spinach, turnip, wheatgrass and watercress juice.

Maybe the most popular of the juices is carrot. It is saturated with beta-carotene, the vitamin A that fights cancer. When mixing carrots with other vegetables you increase their appeal. Strong-flavored vegetables - broccoli, cparsley, celery, onions and turnips, for instance - should be used in small quantities only.

GARLIC is a great "plus" for vegetable drinks. Before juicing, give one drop of garlic into vinegar for a minute to destroy any mold or bacteria on the surface. To avoid irritations in the intestinal tract, use only one clove of fresh garlic in two glasses of juice.

For getting the best health benefits of juicing, prefer not only cabbage juices but many other vegetables too, when preparing your juices. By this, you will provide your body with a mix of important nutrients.

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