Cabbage in a Harash Fermenting Crock Pot

by Valerie Wales
(Kansas City, MO)

Place the cabbage in this pot... under the water for several days. It ferments and releases all gases through the water. It will not decay or go rancid. It stays for months and is a continual food source of enymes and probiotics. They are not damaged by over heating the cabbage and vegetables. THIS IS THE TRUE WAY THE CABBAGE AND VEGETABLES SHOULD BE PROCESSED FOR EATING.

Deriving from a wild leafy mustard plant, cabbage is native to the Mediterranean region. It was used by the ancient Romans and Greeks; Cato the Elder loved this vegetable for its healing properties, claiming that "it is the No. 1 of all the vegetables".

Cabbage is a healer.... The Probiotics and enzymes missing in our modern diet are causing inflammation of our organs and intestinal tract. This process of releasing enzymes by fermented crocks is the only process whereby you can heal the intestinal track and cleanse the body. Heating vegetables kills precious enzymes and will be preserved by letting it ferment. Also, this crock process will not go rancid or decay. It is under water and the oxygen cannot come in contact with the vegetables. Prior to 1936 the germans and medical profession understood the need for probiotic vegetable fermenting. We on a western diet are completely void of any knowledge or taste buds of this kind of healing. The cabbage taste wonderful and not at all sour... like modern day sourkraut. You can add spices... any kind, caraway seeds, peppers, chili powder, turmic, anything. Carrots, peppers, onions, califlower any vegetable can be put in this pot. IT WILL HEAL THE ENTIRE BODY AND DETOXIFY THE SYSTEM. This is probably one of the most powerful recipes know to mankind and has been used for hundreds of years. Until today.... we need this recipe to heal the body.

Do the research... it will tell the story for those that chose to try this product.

Valerie Wales, Herbalogist

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good to know!
by: Anonymous

The cabbage crock process is good to know for someone with problems in the intestinal track.

But I thought this page was made for our cabbage soup recipe submissions?!

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